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Frequently Asked Questions: Student Employment Supervisor COVID-19 Response

I have work for my student employee that can be done from home. Is that okay?

Yes. Students may work from home on things like projects, social media posts, research or grading, but only if they live and are working in Washington state. Students cannot have access to the university's protected systems, like Colleague or file shares, from home. You also must be able to monitor the employee's work and time entry card.

Can my student employee still work on campus during Spring Break and the remainder of the semester if I do not have remote work? 

If your department is open and part of the essential operations, then your student employee(s) may continue their on-campus jobs. You would need to create safe work spaces. 

How many hours can my student employee work on campus during the two-week break? How many hours while taking online classes? 

During the two weeks of Spring Break, your student employee can work up to a total of 40 hours per week from all positions combined if the supervisor(s) have enough work. Once online classes begin, students may work up to 20 hours per week (all jobs combined), as usual.

Can I hire new student employees to work on campus during this semester?

If they have worked on campus before, yes. If students are brand new, you cannot hire them at this time. New hires have to complete legal paperwork (I-9, W-4 forms) in person. They also require a student employee orientation. If you have an emergency that will require an exception to this, please contact Laurie Armstrong Sargent at

How will I post my departmental summer on-campus jobs? 

All job postings will continue to be on Handshake, along with application instructions.

If I have work for my student employees during the two-week Spring Break or remaining semester but do not have the budget, can I ask for additional funds?

Please contact Tiffany Riddle at to discuss this option. 

Am I able to reallocate work for my student employee?

Yes. If your student employee's work has changed, you can reassign work at your discretion. If the supervisor changes, you should contact Laurie Armstrong Sargent at to ensure documentation is in compliance with the law.