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SIGI 3 Career Planning Software

Introducing SIGI 3 for the Internet

SIGI 3 is the new internet version of a guidance system that has helped countless college students in their career planning efforts. If you are a current Whitworth University student or alumni, you can access SIGI PLUS from any on or off-campus computer with Internet access.

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Who Can Benefit From SIGI 3?

Anyone! If you have no idea of what career to pursue, SIGI 3 is a good place to begin. If you think you know but just aren't sure, SIGI 3 offers you the chance to consider a variety of career paths and to dig a little deeper into the factors involved in choosing a satisfying occupation. If you are certain of what you want to do, SIGI 3 can help you fine-tune your decision and think about the peripheral issues involved in the career you have chosen.

About SIGI...

There are eight major sections in SIGI 3:

  1. Self-Assessment
    Helps you identify and prioritize your values and interests
  2. Search
    Helps you choose features you want in a profession and identify features you don't.
  3. Information
    Lets you learn about any of the 520 occupations in the SIGI 3 knowledge base. Find out about qualifications, skills, education and training demanded by various professions as well as expected salary ranges and employment outlooks.
  4. Skills
    Compare your skills with those needed for a particular occupation and gauge your management potential.
  5. Preparing
    Gives you a look at a typical preparation path for a particular occupation.
  6. Coping
    Deals with issues concerning affording an education: budgeting, caring for family, financial issues, etc.
  7. Deciding
    Guides you in making your decision by helping you consider and weigh all options.
  8. Next Steps
    Covers actual job search strategies including résumés, cover letters, interview techniques, etc.

SIGI 3: A Great Tool!

Effective career assessment, exploration, and planning require a willingness to devote quality time to the process. Please also understand that in order to gain the maximum benefit from SIGI 3, you will want to discuss the results of your investigations with a career advisor, academic advisor, mentor, or peer.

We highly recommend SIGI 3. However, we also want to remind you that there are other tools available in the Whitworth Career Services Office and on our website that can complement SIGI 3 or serve as alternatives in your career search process.