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Explore Majors & Careers

Tips for Exploring Majors & Careers

  • Self-Assessment
    Spend time assessing your interests, values, strengths, dislikes, abilities, personal qualities, talents, experiences, and skills. Complete the SIGI 3 career-planning software or one of the self-assessments available online.
  • Talk With Faculty
    Find out which classes relate to certain majors and careers.
  • Gain Work Experience
    Working at a variety of jobs will help you decide the job conditions that best fit your needs and personality. Explore internship and volunteer opportunities.
  • Talk with Professionals
    Obtain a realistic view of certain jobs and occupations. Ask professionals in certain fields for pros and cons regarding their jobs, and ask them for suggestions about which classes you should take.
  • Network
    It's never too soon to start building a network system. Build relationships with faculty, staff, peers, and alumni.
  • Set Goals and Deadlines
    At one point, you need to make decisions and work to make them successful. Choose a major that fits your needs at this time, and realize that you can change your mind later. Review the Whitworth Career Services Career Planning Guidelines, and research majors by utilizing "What Can I Do with This Major?"