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Federal Work-Study Information

If your financial-aid award includes a federal work-study award, this means: 

  • This federally funded program provides on-campus employment for students who have financial need.
  • That you are ELIGIBLE (not required) to earn that amount this academic year in a campus job.
  • This award is not an amount that has been directly credited to your student account. It is a financial resource which you may draw upon if needed. The work-study award is a ceiling amount of campus earnings that you are eligible to earn in order to defray your educational costs. Government work/study funding then subsidizes your pay for campus work.
  • Whitworth University work-study students are not assigned to or placed in jobs but must take the initiative either to inquire at the Whitworth Student Employment Office, or to review the online job postings.
  • Like other Whitworth student workers and staffers, work-study students receive a regular paycheck (every two weeks) to be saved or spent as needed.
  • Some students prefer the pay, schedule, or type of work that can be found off-campus. Please review the State Work-Study Guidelines for further information.


  • You must have received a federal work-study award in your financial-aid package.
  • You must complete and submit a Whitworth University work-study authorization, as well as I-9 and W-4 forms (available at employing department) prior to beginning employment.
  • Your supervisor must submit a timecard, signed by you, before you can receive payment for work.
  • Your work hours may not exceed 20 per week.