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Whitworth Institute of Ministry

July 23-27, 2018

Registration is live!

Come and See | 2018 Adult Program

The phrase “come and see” appears twice in the first chapter of John’s Gospel. Jesus invites Andrew and John to “come and see” (John 1:39), and a few verses later Phillip invites the skeptical Nathanael to “come and see” Jesus (John 1:46). Little did any of them know that this invitation to “come and see” would change them forever. Over time, they became a witnessing community to live and speak the Gospel. Their witness changed the world.

In this spirit, we invite Christ-followers – a community of ministry leaders, volunteers, pastors and families across borders, vocations and denominations – to “come and see” at the Whitworth Institute of Ministry (WIM), July 23-27, 2018. Now in its fourth decade, WIM is an annual conference providing dedicated time for fellowship, spiritual renewal, Scripture study, and vibrant worship and preaching. The Whitworth University campus is an ideal place for rest and conversation, along with family-friendly programming for children and youth.


Evening Worship, featuring Mary Hulst

Old Testament Stories for Ministerial Challenges Today

Those involved in ministerial leadership face a constant variety of challenges. This summer at WIM, Pastor Mary Hulst will lead attendees to reflect upon their ministries and one’s own spiritual formation by exploring the trials within the stories of Old Testament figures. Each sermon will identify a specific ministry challenge, what can be learned from the biblical story, and how we can be attuned to what God is doing in our lives today. Come and see.

Monday: "Elijah - Restoration in Weariness"
Tuesday: "Esther - Seeing God in not so Obvious Circumstances"
Wednesday: "Aaron and his Sons - Danger of Doing Things 'Our Way'"
Thursday: "Moses - Frustration with our Followers"
Friday: "Shiprah and Puah - Obedience leads to Faithfulness and Fruitfulness"

Bible Hour, featuring various speakers

Christian Living in a Post-Christendom Culture

In the early Christian period, Christian living became a form of witness because it was so different from how most Romans lived. Christians stood out simply by being Christian. Later, as Western society became officially Christian, that difference became less noticeable and distinct. After all, if everyone is Christian, how can a person distinguish himself or herself as Christian? In the long period of Christendom, Christians distinguished themselves from each other, but not from a larger secular culture because there was no such culture, or so it seemed. Now, Christians no longer live in Christendom, which means Christian living – being so different from how most Americans live – is once more becoming a form of witness. What does it mean to live as Christians in a post-Christendom culture? Each session during Bible Hour will focus on one theme in Colossians 3:12-17 and explore what it means to understand and apply this text to our cultural context. Come and see.

Tuesday: "Wearing Virtue," featuring Joshua Leim / Colossians 3:12-13
Wednesday: "Living in Love," featuring Haley Jacob / Colossians 3:14-15
Thursday: "Imbibing the Word," featuring Jerry Sittser / Colossians 3:16
Friday: "Doing Everything in the Name of Christ," featuring Jim Edwards / Colossians 3:17

Please view our keynote speaker biographies.

Ministry Tracks

WIM ministry track topics are in direct response to the relevant needs and callings of congregations, as voiced by OCE Ministry Partners. Each WIM registrant will choose one ministry track to consistently attend throughout the week, meeting Tuesday to Thursday, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. What is Christ calling you to “come and see”?

Planting New Churches/Worshipping Communities
Nicholas Warnes

Continuing to shift the conversation toward prioritizing a culture of leadership is essential for new worshipping communities in North America today. This track will draw out frames and practices for identifying leaders, creating leadership ecosystems, and supporting leaders as they go on the wild adventure toward planting and eventually embedding new churches in the city. Come and see.

Hospitality with Refugees and Immigrants
Mark Finney, Bob Savage & Matthew Soerens

There are more refugees in the world today than at any point in human history. Does the Bible have anything to say about issues like this? Does the church have any opportunity to be a witness for the gospel in the face of such overwhelming problems? The answer is yes.

In this track, learn why there are so many refugees, the process through which some make it to the USA, and how churches are ideally suited to welcome the stranger, befriend refugees and immigrants, and help them thrive. Hear how the church is rising up across the U.S. – and locally in the Northwest – to become a leading voice in helping our society address complex issues related to refugees and immigrants without getting caught in partisan politics. Come and see.

Crafting and Choosing Words for Worship
Ben Brody

How can worship leaders intentionally craft a welcome message, various prayers in worship, offering announcements, etc., in such a way that congregations will not tune out, but engage in fresh and deeper ways with what is happening at that moment in the service? How do the words that we sing shape our faith, and how can we make good choices among the thousands of song options available to us? This ministry track will explore how worship leaders can plan and craft engaging and creative words for worship. Come and see.

Intergenerational Youth Ministry
Mark Oestreicher

In many churches today, a bare spot looms – the absence of teenagers and young adults in congregations and ministry. One may see them on Friday nights at the movie theater and at Starbucks, but they are missing from a morning worship service. The statistics are alarming. At least 50 percent of Christian teenagers walk away from their faith after their first year in college and they are not returning (David Kinnaman and the Barna Group). Join this track for practical resources on how congregations can mind and mend the gap within intergenerational youth ministry. Come and see.

Preaching & Teaching Scripture
Mindy Smith, Ron Pyle & Erik Peterson

This biblical preaching track will focus on the intersection of the pastor-preacher's personal spiritual formation with the responsibility to communicate the biblical message with clarity, passion and conviction. Led by a teaching team with decades of experience studying the essential elements of Christian discipleship in relation to biblical teachings, workshops will equip preachers with fresh tools as they begin to plan for the coming year of sermons. All are welcome to participate, though this track is primarily designed for a co-existing Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) preaching/teaching pastor cohort, funded by a denominational grant. Upon completion, if one chooses, participants may join or form a cohort that will continue the learning process throughout the year. Come and see.


Seminars are one-session snapshots of the Ministry Track subjects, listed above, taking place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, from 3-5:15 p.m. During this time, attendees may explore subjects of interest outside of their morning Ministry Track. Come and see.

Please view our speaker biographies.

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