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Children & Youth Programming (Infants to 17 years)

Our programs for young people feature exciting times of fun, faith-building and fellowship. Designed to put parents' minds at ease and to allow them to have an enjoyable week at WIM, our children's and youth programs are available during all sessions so that you can relax and enjoy the adult offerings, knowing that your kids are having fun and being well cared for. They'll love it!

Middle school and high school students (13-17 years old) will spend the week in workshops designed just for them and participating in service-learning opportunities. Throughout the week, they'll continue to learn and discuss with peers what it means for each to be a pastor's kid, the special roles they get to fill in their home churches, and how to make their faith their own.

Preteens (entering fifth and sixth grades) will spend the morning participating in age-appropriate rotations; afternoons and evenings will feature a program designed just for this age group that includes lots of team-building tasks and a service project. Throughout the week, preteens will spend time learning to take ownership of their faith. In community with their peers, they will have the opportunity to explore their faith and their roles as pastors' children.

Children in both the early childhood and elementary programs will enjoy a fun, faith-filled week. An experienced, loving, trained staffer will guide your children through a variety of activities this week. Kids will enjoy learning Bible stories and memorizing verses. Favorite activities include small-group time, music, snacks, art and recreation.

Infants and toddlers will have a fun week being cared for in a safe, nurturing environment with lots of one-on-one time, singing, outside walks, playtime and other activities. We'll try to keep them as close as possible to their home routines with naps and feedings. A few weeks before the program begins, you will receive an email requesting more information about your child and his or her routines so that we can be prepared to care for each child as s/he arrives.

If you have questions about the programs for children and youth, please contact WIM Children's Program Director Cindy Boldrick at

Other questions? Please contact WIM at or 509.777.4439.