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2021 Campus Circulation & Parking Plan

The five major campus development projects will either require or position campus circulation and servicing improvements. Changes to road and sidewalk alignments, parking distribution, and new driveways, drop-offs, paths and plazas will facilitate safe, efficient vehicular transportation, encourage pedestrian-scaled movement, and provide appropriate perimeter parking for visitors, the student population and additional campus facilities. The 2021 Campus Circulation and Parking Plan illustrates the changes necessary to facilitate wayfinding and a walkable campus. The iconic double-walkway along the Loop should continue to be the focus of pedestrian circulation from other key pedestrian corridors originate. Major changes to vehicular circulation include rerouting the campus loop road to allow for the construction of the Event Center. Additional drop-off areas, access roads and parking have been incorporated between the Fieldhouse and McMillan and Ballard Halls to allow for access to new facilities. Improvements to the access routes between the University Recreation Center, Facilities Management, and Baldwin-Jenkins Hall promote connectivity to recently created service access roads and facilities on the north edge of campus. Parking facilities located north of Oliver Hall will be expanded to accommodate the additional residence hall that will replace The Village and the students who will reside there.

2021 Campus Circulation & Parking Plan Map