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2021 Campus Development Plan

The 2021 Campus Development Plan depicts the future facility use and configuration of the Whitworth University campus. Five major campus development projects are necessary to accommodate past enrollment growth; address needs for quality academic and student life space that supports Whitworth programs; and allow for modest faculty, staff and student population growth. These include:

  • Music Building Addition and Renovation
  • New Residence Hall
  • New Event Center
  • Eric Johnston Science Center Addition and Renovation'
  • New Theater Arts Building (scope and location not yet determined).

Campus work sessions with the five architectural teams commissioned to program and provide visioning for these facilities revealed new opportunities to harmonize and optimize their campus impacts. Synergies between the projects were identified to determine increased advantages of their coordinated development. Five key locations on campus were identified as critical improvement areas that could accommodate the five major development projects and provide added campus open space and circulation benefits.

In addition to these five planned projects, the 2021 Campus Development Plan allows for future flexibility. It identifies key potential development sites to consider in the coming years if future facilities for new programs or enrollment growth are required. These key potential sites distributed throughout campus have adjacencies to existing facilities that allow for several different uses – ranging from student housing to classrooms and offices. Their development over time can provide swing space for much needed improvements and repurposing of older existing buildings such as McEachran and Warren Halls.

2021 Campus Development Plan Map