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Concerned About Someone Else?

Are you concerned about a friend's behavior or emotional state? As a friend of someone who is distressed, you may be in the best position to assist them in getting needed help and support. At the same time, it may be challenging to be honest with your friend about your concerns and you might not be sure what to do or say. To help you in this important role, check out the following:

You can also offer assistance by helping your friend schedule an appointment with a counselor by calling the counseling center with them. Or connect them with the Whitworth Counseling Center 24/7 Mental Health Access line: 509.777.3259 (press 1). You may also attend a counseling session as a support person upon your friend's request.

You can also submit an online form that will notify student life staff of the concerning, worrisome or threatening behavior you are seeing in a friend. This form can be submitted anonymously. It is important to share your concerns regarding a fellow Pirate so that we can seek to provide appropriate and caring assistance.

If you are unsure how to best help a hurting friend, you can also attend a Let’s Talk! informal consultation (see schedule here) or contact the counseling center and ask for a consultation appointment with a counselor, which can take place by phone or in person. We can coach you in how to help.

Finally, being a support person can cause personal distress and may affect the supporter's own mental and emotional health. If you are experiencing difficulty as a result of your concern for a friend, we encourage you to schedule a counseling appointment for yourself.