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Please notify us 24 hours in advance, if possible, when you cannot attend a scheduled session.

Commitment to Diversity

The counseling center honors diversity by treating all members of the Whitworth community with respect and by intentionally considering the needs of underrepresented groups. We are dedicated to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment that recognizes the impact of stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, oppression and privilege. We demonstrate our commitment to multicultural practices through engagement in professional development and reflective supervision.


All full-time matriculated day students, Continuing Studies students, and master’s and doctoral students are eligible to use counseling services resources.


We cannot assure your confidentiality when we communicate via email. Email usage can be monitored, and others may read the content of your personal messages. We will do our best to keep your communications private. However, we have no control over hackers, Internet service providers or others who may have access to your account or computer.

Email should not be used for urgent communication. If you have an urgent concern or question, call the counseling center at 509.777.3259 (press 2) during office hours.

Number of Visits

All eligible students may receive a maximum of ten counseling sessions per academic year. The number of group sessions one may attend is unlimited, as appropriate.