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Whitworth Red Folder

Resources for Working with Students Who May Be Struggling Emotionally

The Red Folder provides faculty and staff a quick reference guide with resources for working with students who may be struggling emotionally. The folder includes information on identifying indicators of distress, tips for talking to students and resources to contact for additional help. By using the folder to navigate interactions with students, we achieve these three outcomes:

Awareness Communication Engagement

Students in distress may be struggling with academic or personal challenges. Remember that you are in a unique position to identify students who may be in need of help. 

Sharing your concern directly with the student and reaching out to campus/community resources are important first steps in the helping process. 

Checking with students to see how they're doing helps students who may not know what resources are available or how to ask for help, and it strengthens our community.

Whom to Contact

Is the student in danger to self or others or otherwise in need of immediate assistance for another reason?

  • Yes

    The student's conduct is clearly and imminently reckless, disorderly, dangerous or threatening.

    Contact 911 and then campus security at 509.777.4444.

  • No

    The student shows signs of distress, but I'm unsure whether it is serious. I'm left feeling uneasy and concerned about the student.

    Contact the Student Health & Counseling Center at 509.777.3259, press 2.


    Call the Whitworth Counseling Center 24/7 Mental Health Access Line: 509.777.3259, press 1. After hours, contact security at 509.777.4444 to connect with the RD on call.


    Fill out an Early Alert.

Contact the Counseling Center ( to receive a copy of the Whitworth Red Folder.

The Red Folder Initiative was adapted from the University of California by the Whitworth University Counseling Center. Format by SUNY Geneseo with permission.