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Support Groups & Workshops

Group Counseling

Group counseling can provide you with needed support, increase your ability to cope with life's challenges, and help you grow as a person. A variety of groups are offered every semester (see the current schedule below); each typically has four to nine participants. All groups are free and confidential, and each is facilitated by a counselor.

Some groups are considered "closed," meaning that after the first one or two sessions, in order to facilitate group cohesion, trust and efficacy, the group will not accept new members. Others are considered "open," meaning that they accept new members throughout the duration of the group.
Groups meet in the counseling center in order to provide a confidential setting. In addition, all group members are asked to comply with a confidentiality policy stating that what is said and what occurs among members of the group stays within the group, even after the group has ended. This includes keeping secret the names of other members of the group.

If you are interested in joining a group, please contact the counselor facilitating the group or call the counseling center at 509.777.3259. Some groups may require a short group-interest appointment (a 10- to 15-minute appointment or phone conversation) in order to determine a student's eligibility for a specific group.

Spring 2019 Groups

There are currently no groups scheduled. Visit the resources page for information about groups that are offered throughout Spokane.

Drop-in Workshops

The counseling center provides a number of different drop-in workshops throughout each semester that cover topics such as building resilience, beating anxiety, overcoming depression, stress and time management, developing assertiveness and self-care, living authentically, establishing boundaries, social skills development, healthy relationships, etc. Workshops are highly interactive and informative. Bring any questions you may have. Upcoming workshops will be advertised through student life and Pirate Port.