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Frequently Asked Questions by Students and Parents

Who is eligible for services at the Whitworth Health Center, and how does a student make an appointment?

All undergraduate and international students who have paid the Student Health & Wellness Fee are eligible for services at the Health Center. Any student can make an appointment by calling the Health Center at 509.777.3259.

Can a parent make an appointment at the health center for their student?

The student must call to make the appointment. Appointments cannot be made on the student's behalf.

Can a student get their allergy shots at the health center?

No. Because insurance plans vary widely in allergy-shot coverage, we recommend that you consult with your health insurance provider for a list of those who offer allergy shots in the Spokane area. The Health Center can provide you with a list of providers as well.

Can a student get their ADD/ADHD meds at the health center?

The Health Center does not currently diagnose or treat ADD/ADHD. We recommend that you consult with your health insurance provider for a list of those who diagnose and treat ADD/ADHD in the Spokane area.

Does the health center provide men's-health exams, women's-health exams and PAP smears, and/or prescribe birth control?

Yes. We have nurse practitioners who are experienced in men's and women's healthcare; birth control consults are available.

Is sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing done at the health center? Is a student's visit to the health center confidential?

STI testing is offered at the health center, and most STI tests are covered under the Student Health & Wellness Fee. Visits to the health center are confidential.

Can a student get a flu shot at the health center?

Yes. Flu shots are offered every fall semester. Appointments are necessary. A minimal charge will show on the student's account. There are also flu clinics that take place on campus.

Do you provide medical notes/class excuses for students' professors?

No, we do not routinely provide sick/illness/injury notes for faculty for short term health conditions. We work together with students, encouraging them to contact their professors if they miss class due to any illness or injury lasting less than five days. If the student's illness or injury causes school absence for five days or more and we see the student at the health center, we will, with a student's signed consent, notify faculty.

What should a student do in the case of a life threatening medical emergency?

The student should call 911 and proceed to an emergency room. If the student is unable to call 911, someone who is with them should call 911. If on campus, the student or designee should then call security at 509.777.4444.

Where is the closest urgent care and hospital to the main campus?

Will the Health Center do blood work if a primary care provider orders it?

Yes. The student should call the Health Center at 509.777.3259 to schedule an appointment. They must bring to the appointment the blood-draw order from the primary care provider along with their (the student's) health insurance information (for laboratory billing).

Can the health center bill a student's insurance?

The health center does not bill medical insurance. Most services provided are covered under the Student Health & Wellness Fee (such as office visits with registered nurse or nurse practitioner, basic lab tests and basic X-ray). Services that are not covered (prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications and immunizations) are charged to the student's account. Extensive diagnostic tests, X-rays and laboratory tests are billed to the student's private insurance.

What are nurse practitioners?

Nurse practitioners are licensed healthcare providers who diagnose and treat health conditions, prescribe medication, order and interpret laboratory and imaging tests, and serve as health educators. They emphasize disease prevention and health promotion. Nurse practitioners have a holistic approach to healthcare. They have completed a master's degree or a doctorate-level education. In the state of Washington, nurse practitioners can practice independently.

How can students have a copy of their health record sent to another clinic or health provider? How can students get a copy of their immunization record?

Students must complete and sign a Release of Information form. Once the form has been signed, health center staff will fax the information to the student's primary care provider/clinic. To obtain a copy of their immunization record, students should contact the health center at 509.777.3259.

Which immunizations are available at the health center?

Influenza, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis), Td (tetanus, diphtheria), hepatitis A, and hepatitis B. TB Mantoux testing is also available. Immunization fees are charged to the student's account.

Is the health center open during the summer months?

The health center is closed during the summer. However, staff are available during limited administrative hours to assist with questions and clerical duties. Office hours vary and are subject to change. Please refer to the health center homepage for up-to-date summer hours.

How does a student access their medical/immunization record in the summer?

Access your Immunization History here and log in using your Whitworth network username and password. This will take you to the Student Health Portal. From there, click on "My Profile" then "Immun. History." This will bring up your immunization history to view or print.

How does a student access their medical record in the summer?

Please email the health center at Health center staff will check email regularly and will reply within five business days.

Can a student be seen at the health center for injuries that were sustained on the job or in a motor vehicle accident? 

No. Students will need to seek care at the urgent care, emergency room or occupational medicine, as indicated. On the job injuries should be reported to the health & safety manager at 

Can a student be seen at the health center for chemical exposures, needlestick injuries or other laboratory injuries that were sustained during an internship, in a classroom setting or research setting?

No. Students will need to seek care at the urgent care, emergency room or occupational medicine, as indicated. Students need to report these type of exposures or injuries to the health & safety manager at