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Immunization Requirements

New students at Whitworth University are required to submit an immunization history to the Whitworth University Health Center. Keeping the campus community healthy is a priority; therefore, certain immunizations are required. Required immunizations include the following:

Recommended immunizations include:

Immunization Form Submission Process

Please access the Student Health Portal to complete the Immunization History Form.

Meningococcal Disease Information

As of July 1, 2004, colleges and universities in Washington state must make educational information available on meningococcal disease to all incoming students.

Meningococcal Disease and Vaccine:

Why It's Important to Have A Meningococcal Booster:

Tuberculosis Screening

Before new students come to campus, they must complete the Tuberculosis Self-Screening form. Students who are at higher risk for tuberculosis must have a tuberculosis risk-assessment completed. The tuberculosis risk-assessment must be done and the form completed by the student's primary care provider before the student's arrival at Whitworth.

Deadline for Tuberculosis Self-Screening Form and Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Form

Please complete the Tuberculosis Self-Screening form (required for all new students) and Tuberculosis Risk Assessment form (if required per Tuberculosis Self-Screening form) and submit by fax or mail by Aug. 20. All information remains confidential.