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Wellness Services

We provide sport, employment and female exams. We also provide travel consultations and immunizations for trips abroad, as well as other immunizations. TB tests are available.

Illness and Injury Services

Nurse practitioners will diagnose and, if needed, provide prescription medication, orders for X-rays, laboratory testing and/or referrals.


Through Sodexo, our campus food-service company, we can refer you to a dietitian who will meet with you on campus to help you with dietary issues. Call 509.777.3259 or stop by the health center for a referral.

Health Services Plan & Student Accident Insurance Claims

You are responsible for your medical bills. You must fill out a claim form for Health Services Plan or Student Accident Insurance reimbursement. We will be happy to help you file forms. Come to the health center with copies of all bills, EOBs from any primary insurance, and/or receipts. Claim forms are available at the health center or at: