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All services are by appointment only. Most services are covered by the Health & Wellness fee. Please refer to FAQ for more information. We do not bill health insurance. 

Wellness, Preventive Care and Health Promotion

Preventative care services such as physical exams, vaccinations and wellness education. Student led peer education health promotion team, the Health Education Action Team (HEAT).

Illness and Injury

The treatment of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries.

Mental Health and Psychiatric Care

Assessment and diagnosis of mental health conditions, mental health screenings such as anxiety and depression, management of mental health conditions including therapy and medication management, referral to mental health counselors. 

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Women’s healthcare such as well-woman exams, contraceptive services and breast health.

Infectious Disease and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Infectious diseases including COVID-19, influenza, and monkeypox. STI screening, testing and treatment.


Registered nurse provided care to identify and assess healthcare concerns, support transition to appropriate resources when needed, and deliver nursing care and education.

Travel Clinics

Pre-travel screenings, vaccinations, and education for students in national and international study abroad programs. Please note for fall 2022, this service will be limited due to staffing.

Specialist Referral

Referrals to specialty care in the Spokane area.

Campus Referral

Referrals to support services offered on campus such as student success, educational support services (including accommodations) and the food pantry.

Nutrition Support

Referral to Sodexo (campus food services) dietitian for nutritional needs.

Healthcare Navigation

Support provided to navigate filing of insurance claims, accessing information on available services on campus and locally, billing information and international student support.

Student Accident Insurance Claims and International Student Health Insurance

You are responsible for your medical bills. You must fill out a claim form for Student Accident Insurance reimbursement. We will be happy to help you file forms. Schedule an appointment with the health center and bring copies of all bills, EOBs from any primary insurance, and/or receipts. Claim forms are available at the health center or at: International students are welcome to schedule an appointment with the health center to review questions or concerns about bills they receive for medical care in the community as they navigate the health insurance process. The international education office has the latest information about international student health insurance policies and your status in this regard. The health center does not oversee or maintain the international student health insurance plan, but we do act as a facilitator to help guide you through questions that may arise.