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Donor Impact

Each student holds promise. Your choice to make a gift to Whitworth means you are fueling the classes, programs, winning athletics and life-changing opportunities for our students each and every day they are able to spend on campus.

Whether through a conversation with a faculty member, inclusion in a club, a class or an opportunity to study abroad, students' lives are changed by being a part of the Whitworth community, a community that would not exist without you.

Thank you. Your gifts mean that the promise held by each student can be fulfilled. Each student featured here represents those who benefit every day from your continued support. To read and hear more about Ryan, Megan, Denin and Misikir, click on their individual profiles below.


I have all of my donors to thank for giving me the opportunity to challenge and better myself.

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Business Administration and Finance & Accounting

My experience at Whitworth has been life-changing in every way possible.

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Music – Jazz Performance

Every moment I spend on campus brings an opportunity to grow as a guitarist, a scholar, a person and a Christian.

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Health Science and Community Health

Donors, your generosity has enabled me to pursue my dreams at Whitworth and I look forward to what God has planned for my future!

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