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Prayer of Dedication

Phil Eaton, '65, Ph.D.
President, Seattle Pacific University

Please pray with me as we ask God's blessing on this new chapter for Whitworth under the leadership of Dr. Taylor.

Phil EatonOh Lord, in this moment of transition for Whitworth University, we lift up President Beck Taylor. We ask your special blessing on him as he leads the way into a bright future for this great university. Give him strength and conviction. Give him wisdom and courage. Give him clear vision.

Perhaps most of all give him the gift of love for this place, for its rich history, for its special purpose, for its students, and for its people. Give him humility too, that most difficult challenge for any leader, humility to call on the people of this place, humility to call on you, oh Lord, each step of the way.

In this moment of transition for Whitworth, we lift up as well our dear friends Bill and Bonnie Robinson. We ask that your hand would be on them as they too open a new chapter. Most of all we express, publically and personally, our immense gratitude for their faithful and loving service to this beloved place we call Whitworth.

This afternoon we look forward to an exciting future ahead for Whitworth. But as we do, we remind ourselves that your steady hand has been on this place and its people for over a hundred years. We know that your spirit—profoundly and mysteriously found in the life and the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ—without a doubt, this has been the center, this has been the animating soul of this university in all those years.

We ask now that that same animating spirit will enliven the mind and heart of Beck Taylor as he assumes the distinguished office of President of Whitworth University. We ask that you would go with him, Lord, just as we pledge to come alongside him—so that Whitworth might continue to shine in the darkness with light and joy and hope for all the world.

We pray all of these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.