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Whitworth 2021 Vision

Whitworth University will deepen its commitments to academic excellence and the integration of Christian faith and learning, equipping graduates to respond to God's call on their lives with intellectual competence, moral courage and deep compassion. Expanded student opportunities for experiential learning, intercultural engagement and postgraduate preparation will elevate Whitworth's standing as one of the finest Christian liberal arts universities in the country.

Advance Whitworth's distinctive approach to integrating Christian faith and learning

The Whitworth community engages challenging contemporary issues with intellectual rigor through the lens of Christian faith. In a world fractured by sin and transformed by Christ's grace and truth, Whitworth will equip and inspire students to cultivate character, seek justice and proclaim salvation. Students, faculty and staff will pursue opportunities to lead and participate in national and international initiatives that reflect Whitworth's commitment to faith-learning integration by upholding open, intellectual inquiry and deep Christian conviction as complementary rather than competing values. 

Strengthen intellectual vitality across all contexts of teaching and learning

Whitworth seeks to equip its students to be inquisitive, creative and discerning thinkers who address effectively the complex issues they face in the world. The university will cultivate an intellectually vital and inclusive campus culture in which faculty and students engage regularly in rigorous, open and civil discourse on challenging ideas. 

Prepare Whitworth students to be global citizens

Our students live in an increasingly interdependent world. They must be able to cross international boundaries and navigate politics, cultures, economics, religions and languages with skill and understanding if they are to serve and lead in an ever-evolving global community. Whitworth will

Demonstrate courageous leadership for a diverse world

Whitworth aspires to achieve and sustain a level of excellence that values the role a welcoming and diverse community plays in realizing its mission to “honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity.” Grounded in a biblical understanding of God's character, justice and wholeness, the university will cultivate in students, faculty, staff and trustees the capacity to relate effectively across multiple dimensions of human diversity in learning, working and living environments. During the next decade, Whitworth will focus on issues of intercultural competency and equity related to gender, race and ethnicity, and also remain attentive and responsive to additional identities and the intersection of identities.

Elevate a liberal arts education as essential and relevant to all majors and careers

Whitworth is committed to providing an education, grounded in the liberal arts, that empowers individuals for lifelong learning, professional development, and meaningful citizenship and service. Whitworth will deepen its connections to the liberal arts across the curriculum, equipping students to think critically, reason coherently and communicate clearly.

Enhance Whitworth's strengths in graduate and continuing studies

Whitworth aspires to be the university of choice in the Inland Northwest for adults pursuing selected graduate or nontraditional undergraduate degrees. Whitworth will build on its strong reputation for student-centered faculty, small class sizes and innovative delivery models to offer education programs that advance its graduates' careers and extend the university's mission and influence in the market. 

Invest in Whitworth's employees and support a culture of continuous improvement

Whitworth is a learning organization that values its employees and strives to equip them to advance the university's distinctive mission. Whitworth will recruit and retain highly qualified and diverse Christian staff and faculty members and will offer competitive compensation and professional development that help employees pursue excellence in their vocations. 

Exercise diligent stewardship in growing Whitworth's financial and capital resources

Whitworth aspires to expand its constituent and resource bases to advance the university's mission with comprehensive and sustainable excellence. Significantly increased giving and sound stewardship of all university resources will enable Whitworth to invest in strategic initiatives and make improvements to the quality of the student experience.

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