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Statement on the Events in Charlottesville, Va.

Aug. 14, 2017

As a Christ-centered university, Whitworth's mission is to honor God, follow Christ, and serve all of humanity. In our fractured world, we seek truth and work for justice. I am anguished about the recent events occurring in Charlottesville. That our nation continues to deal with shameless and violent racism is both maddening and sad for those who are working to create communities that embrace diversity, equity and inclusion, and that elevate and celebrate the image of our creator in all humans. I know I speak on behalf of all faculty, staff and students at Whitworth when I say that these events will only strengthen our collective resolve to confront the evil and sin of racism, and to work and think hard about how to create a world that extinguishes all forms of bigotry and hatred and that reflects the grace and truth of Christ. Our prayers remain with the victims of violence in Virginia and across the world.


Beck A. Taylor | President