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Project Talent Program

The Project Talent Program at Whitworth University provides an opportunity for advanced high-school students in the Spokane area to take one college course per semester (fall and spring semesters only) during their junior and senior years of high school at a reduced rate. It is a dual-enrollment program.

Students must meet certain academic criteria for acceptance into the program. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.5 for juniors and 3.0 for seniors, or demonstrated academic proficiency.

Interested students must submit the following items to the Whitworth Registrar's Office to be considered for admission to the Project Talent Program:

  • Project Talent Application Form;
  • Official high-school transcript;
  • Letter of recommendation from a school administrator or counselor;
  • Student under 16 years of age must schedule an in-person interview with the Registrar's Office.

Payment is required before a student can register for classes. Project Talent students pay a reduced course fee of $1,141 plus applicable fees. (If you qualify for tuition remission, please contact the Whitworth Human Resource Services Office at 509.777.4872.)

Course enrollment is contingent upon available classroom space. Students' enrollment requests will be processed the evening prior to the first day of Whitworth classes. Students should have an alternative educational plan in the event that a chosen course is closed; Project Talent students are not allowed to petition course closures. Please keep in mind that some courses have prerequisites. Refer to the university catalog to verify course prerequisites. These requirements must be met before a student is allowed to register for a course.

Please contact Records Manager Emilee Langbehn Bosh ( or 509.777.3715) with questions and requests for additional information.