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Washington 45

Students who transfer Washington 45 courses must still meet Whitworth's admission requirements and must satisfy all general-education and degree requirements. A student who completes courses from within the general-education categories in the Washington 45 and earns a C or better for each course will be able to transfer up to 45 quarter credits to Whitworth. The ratio of quarter hours to semester hours is 2/3. So for every quarter credit earned, Whitworth will award 0.67 semester credits in transfer. A total of 30 semester hours is awarded for 45 quarter credit hours; which is equivalent to sophomore standing at Whitworth.

Although the courses in the Washington 45 are listed under various categories, each actual course may satisfy a different general-education requirement at Whitworth. Llike many institutions, Whitworth has its own general-education requirements; students should check with the registrar's office regarding how these courses will transfer