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Act Six

New Faces in Leadership for the Campus. For the City. For the Future.

Act Six is a leadership and scholarship program that connects local faith-based community affiliates with faith- and social-justice-based colleges to equip emerging urban and community leaders to engage college campuses and their communities at home.

Marks of Success

Act Six has selected and trained more than 300 scholars from Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Spokane and the Yakima Valley. They represent six continents of the world, speak 32 native languages, and represent the very best emerging urban and community leadership that the region has to offer. While more than 85 percent of these scholars come from low-income households or are the first in their family to go to college, they are defying the odds with retention and graduation rates higher than 9 percent.

On campus, Act Six scholars are making a profound impact as they demonstrate their leadership in a wide variety of contexts. Creating award-winning programs in the residence halls, founding and leading clubs and serving as student government officers, these scholars are making a difference on campus. And the impact doesn't end at graduation. Act Six alumni put their passion and education to work back in their home communities and in other communities around the country and world.

Whitworth University has graduated 10 cadres of Act Six scholars and currently hosts five cadres with 38 Act Six and Academy scholars.

BUCS Bridge

The BUCS Bridge Program is a four-day program designed to serve first-year students from first-generation and/or underrepresented racial and ethnic population (UREP) backgrounds. During the pre-orientation, first-year students experience community-building, multicultural-identity development and college navigation.

Cultural-Diversity Advocates

The cultural-diversity advocate (CDA) model is a unique on-campus role that promotes dialogue on race, ethnicity and other lines of difference, often engaging differing viewpoints.

The CDA position has been in place for the past 30 years and contributes to achieving the Whitworth 2021 strategic plan's Goal 4, which is to "demonstrate courageous leadership in a diverse world." The student-held position is part of the greater on-campus leadership team and has three primary objectives that set it apart from other student-leader positions: 1) to facilitate dialogue in which race, ethnicity and culture can be constructively discussed across opposing viewpoints; 2) to develop monthly cultural programs for the benefit of students; 3) to connect all students to the available resources that exist both on and off campus.

Diversity Monologues

Diversity Monologues is a program and space showcasing the stories of Whitworth University students. Throughout the Diversity Monologues process, students engage counternarrative to celebrate their identities and to illuminate opportunities for improving equity and inclusion of institutional and societal structures, policies and procedures. Diversity Monologues is coordinated by a body of students, staff and faculty dedicated to fostering a community that nurtures and appreciates diverse identities. In March 2015, Whitworth hosted its first Diversity Monologues program and was funded as an initiative of #WhitworthUnited.

Whitworth Top Chef

Whitworth Top Chef is a competition to showcase food from varied cultures. Throughout the process, an increased awareness of other cultures creates an inclusive community that encourages all members to meet, interact and experience the culinary aspect of various cultures.