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Support Services

International Orientation Program

The International Student Orientation program is a 2.5-day workshop that assists international and third-culture students in their transition to Whitworth. For more information, contact Lulu Gonzalez at or 509.777.4572.

International Support Services

Whitworth offers services to assist in international students’ transition to Whitworth. Our goal to provide support and connections through the appropriate resources

BUCS Bridge Program

For more information, contact David H. Garcia at or 509.777.4509.

BUCS Mentoring Program

The BUCS (Building Unity and Cultivating Success) Mentoring Program primarily assists students from underserved populations (re: race, ethnicity and first-generation background) in their first year of making the move to the rigors of the higher-education environment. First-year student mentees are matched with a peer mentor. Matches will be made on the basis of interests, skills, background, knowledge and temperament of both the mentee and the mentor.

For more information, contact Shawn Washington at or 509.777.4330.


The Whitworth Trailblazer Project is design to empower first-generation college students on the path through college. A first-generation college student is anyone whose parents or guardians have not completed a four-year college degree. Findings from years of data collection and research across higher education support the fact that first-generation college students are not retained at the same rates as their peers. This project is a strategy in supporting first-generation students through learning about navigating Whitworth University and developing relationships with other first-generation students, staff and faculty. An important outcome of this program is to create a stronger sense of belonging to a community.