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Health-and-Wellness Services 2024-25

Due to structural changes to healthcare in the U.S., Whitworth no longer offers health insurance to our domestic full-time day undergraduates. However, we feel it is important to continue to operate our health & counseling center. Services offered include no-fee consultation visits and basic labs and X-rays. A health-and-wellness fee will be charged to all matriculated day students.

Whitworth still requires that all international students have health insurance as a condition of enrollment. Participation may not be waived. The coverage under this plan is active for currently enrolled international students while they are in the United States. All international students will be enrolled in the accident & sickness plan that provides comprehensive benefits for office visits, diagnostic services, prescriptions, and hospitalization coverage to a limit of $500,000. This plan provides the new Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) limits for student insurance. Details can also be found at:

Intercollegiate athletes are covered at no cost for accidents sustained during supervised practice or play. Additional information on this coverage is available through the Whitworth Athletics Department.