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International Accident & Sickness Insurance 2024-25

Because our institution is concerned with the promotion of good health for each student as well as adequate medical health coverage in case of unexpected accidents or illness, we require all international students to have our health insurance coverage. Coverage cannot be waived.

The mandatory Whitworth Health Insurance Plan provides the following key benefits:

  • This plan provides comprehensive benefits for office visits, diagnostic services, prescriptions and hospitalization coverage to a limit of $500,000. The plan provides the new Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) limits for student insurance.
  • It is active for currently enrolled international students while they are in the United States. The cost for this plan is $1,400 for each international students. 

For more information regarding the coverage provided through Whitworth, please contact the Whitworth Health & Counseling Services Center. For more information on the accident and sickness plan, please see details at