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Web Extra: The Way of Wisdom 

A hymn commissioned to celebrate Whitworth's 125th anniversary

Listen to the debut performance at the Whitworth 125 Community Worship Service (MP3)

Text: Rev. Adam M. L. Tice
Melody: Thaxted (Gustav Holst)

The way of wisdom guides us up on a trail that winds through many times of testing that shape our hearts and minds. The narrow ridge is holy where faith and reason meet, and as we move up on it our joy grows more complete.

Upon this path of wisdom that faithful feet have trod, we follow Christ in service and strive to honor God.

The way of Christ requires us to serve in word and deed and offer hope and healing to anyone in need. It leads us to the mountain where wolf and lamb are friends; through death and resurrection to peace that never ends.


The way of God is perfect; God's law revives the soul. By faith we seek its beauty; by grace God makes us whole. The light of truth and learning inspires us to proclaim true justice, love, and freedom that flourish in God's name.


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