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Whitworth 125

Across 125 years, one enduring mission, hundreds of faculty and staff, more than 25,000 alumni, and an energetic student in a pirate costume, there's a lot to love about whitworth.

In celebration of each year since the institution's founding, in 1890, the following passages capture a collection of items that members of the Whitworth community appreciate, value, cherish,
and, yes, love about the place many still think of fondly as home.*

Want to join the conversation? You can share your own story about the important moments from your time at Whitworth and the people who made a difference. Just visit and click on "Share Your Story." On this site you can also read stories others have contributed, watch 125-second micro-lectures by your favorite Whitworthians, and experience the people, places and things that have shaped Whitworth's 125-year history.

You may not have donned a beanie as a newbie freshman at Whitworth, but chances are good you saw a Baldwin-Jenkins woman who did. You might have even called out "Button Frosh!"  As a Whitworthian, you know what comes next: Hop on one foot, spin in a circle, and yell, "Yay, Whitworth! Yay, Whitworth! Yay, Whitworth!"

Yay, Whitworth, indeed.

*This issue of Whitworth Today features 63 items; the spring 2015 issue will feature the balance, bringing the total to 125.

  1. The Loop

    A student rides his bike in The Loop on a fall day.

    "A safe place to grapple with the transition from child to adult and catch a few Frisbees."
    –Angie (Lott) Nelson, '01

    "The sheer beauty of The Loop. I live in the Midwest now and sometimes dream about The Loop."
    – Wendy Arralde Pottgen, '94
  2. Snow

    "Crossing campus on a December night with the glow of lights on the snow, a backpack full of the greatest thoughts throughout the ages, and friends back in the dorm to make me laugh…and pay for that night's pizza."
    – Dave Fogelstrom, '92
  3. Didier's Yogurt Tuesday

  4. Home

    "Knowing that whenever I drive north on Division, turn left on Hawthorne and take a right onto campus, I am home. Whitworth forever. Amen!"
    – Dianna Pategas, '92
  5. Beanies

  6. Ultimate Frisbee

  7. Ceremonial Opening of the Balls with Ross Cutter

  8. Core 250

    "This might be a controversial statement…but I loved Core 250. It taught me so much about why people think the way they do. I have referenced back to thinkers and writers I read in that class. That, and it's always good to have a word like 'entelechy' to drop in a sentence or to tell people they're all just part of the herd."
    – Melinda (Leavitt) Richardson, '12
  9. Squirrels

    "I love that I can see up to five squirrels just while I'm walking to my next class."
    – Gabrielle Lee, '14
  10. Faculty

    Faculty members sit in auditorium seats and smile.

    "RON PYLE!"
    – Shane Lauri, '05

    "Pam Parker – I love everything about her, but especially her Shakespeare classes and Thai cooking."
    – Catherine (Sittser) Grady, '05

    "I love Dr. Mike Sardinia! He has been the most influential person in my daughter's college life. He has made time for her even when he had no time left to give. He has encouraged her at every turn. He has been her friend, inspiration and father figure away from home. Awesome, awesome man! We are blessed."
    – Patty Peyton

    "Two words: Dale Bruner."
    – Mark Jackson, '97
  11. The campus

    "I love the campus. So beautiful and serene. Just felt at peace walking through campus."
    – Jamie Crockett
  12. The old swing

    "I so miss swinging on the swing. I solved lots of problems there!"
    – Pamela (Jacob) Willmering, '75
  13. Leonard Oakland's Nietzsche lecture

  14. The Phonathon

  15. Ethics Bowl

  16. Jan Term

  17. Westminster Garden

    "The Westminster garden and that old red picnic table! I loved sitting out there in upper-division classes, discussing such weighty topics as the use of bird imagery in 20th-century American lit."
    –Tanya (Schaible) Aoyagi, '04
  18. The Whitworth Choir

    The Whitworth choir performs. They wear black dresses and tuxedos.

    "I would say any of the performances with the Whitworth Choir. Specifically, though, I will never forget singing Handel's Messiah on Palm Sunday at the Cathedral of St. John. It was a powerful and moving experience of the Spirit, conveyed through music."
    – Anna McCollough, '08
  19. Resident Assistants

    "I was first introduced to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as a freshman at Whitworth College by my resident assistant, Jeff Arnold, while I lived in Warren Hall in 1995."
    – Erik Flodin, '99
  20. The Dining Hall

    "One of the things I love is fitting 12 people around a single table, just so my whole friend group can sit together for dinner."
    – Keely Cooper, '14
  21. Love and respect

    "Realizing that it was a safe place to ask anything I wanted without being judged, where I was encouraged, taught, and corrected with love and respect. Despite my 'non-traditional' age, I never felt out of place with my profs and peers."
    – Jay Hodet
  22. Defeating Whitman regularly

  23. Saga Brownies at the Alumni Tent

  24. "MIRROR, MIRROR: The Body Image Show"

  25. Saga Trays

    "Sledding on orange trays from the old Saga!"
    – Erin (Johnson) Camper, '01
  26. Virgin Pinecones

    A student laughs as she holds a pinecone on top of her head.

    "The fun is trying to catch a virgin pinecone. I graduated, but it's still one of my goals."
    – Brenda Alcala, '12
  27. Paradoxes

    "I love that Whitworth is a paradox of comfort and challenge. The community is incredibly relational and makes students feel supported, yet pushes students to grow and challenges them not to be the same person when they leave."
    – Madison Garner, '16

    "Heart and mind; faith and reason; human and they infused campus life."
    – Lance M. Weeda, Sr., '87
  28. Food Traditions

    French Dip Fridays
    Steak and calzones
    Turkey tetrazzini
    Sundae bar
  29. Central America Study & Service Program

    "It rocked my world and changed me forever! More than 20 years later, it is still one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I'm thankful to Whitworth for that opportunity. Ron Frase, Don Liebert and Jim Hunt are amazing!"
    – Anne Goranson, '91
  30. Mock Rock

  31. The Inland Northwest Business Plan Competition

  32. Lauretta's Omelets

  33. President's Christmas reception

  34. Campus security

  35. Fit

    "I recall the day I visited my son, Shannon, at McMillan Hall; it was a week into his freshman year. Shannon was noticeably subdued and homesick, missing his mother and childhood home on the South Hill. Nearly five years since that day, Shannon is a WU grad ('13) and pursuing the adventure of a lifetime, a year in Johannesburg, South Africa, working for Athletes in Action. Whitworth was absolutely the right fit for Shannon, multidimensionally: a superb academic curriculum, four years of track & field (Go, Bucs!), spiritual growth, and friendships lasting a lifetime."
    – Donald McKay Winant
  36. Mac Haunted House

    Students scream as they walk through the Mac Haunted House.

  37. Ice Cream & Jazz in the Library Courtyard

  38. Connection

    "Connection, connection, connection. No matter how far I go or how long I'm away, the ties to Whitworth always come into play. Mahalo for being part of my forever family on this amazing journey called life!"
    – Wendy Acosta, '82
  39. Bill Robinson's bike

  40. Academic regalia

    Darrell Guder's "air filter" collar
    Jonathan Moo's hat
    Beck Taylor's "bling"
  41. Community Building Day

  42. Intramurals

  43. The Pine Bowl

  44. Small classes

    "I loved the small classes and getting to know my professors and classmates. I still keep in touch with them! I also loved being able to freely talk about God and how he has influenced my life. Thanks for the wonderful experience!"
    – Christy Peterson, '10
  45. Evening programs

    "Whitworth makes going to school and working full time possible. Allows you to reach your goals, understands that life happens, and has small class sizes and amazing supportive staff!"
    – Melanie Lilly"

    We love Whitworth – both my husband and I are graduates of Whitworth's Evening Teacher Certification Program! Where else could I have professors who prayed for me during rough times? Amazing people that we will never forget!"
    – Kerri Hescock York, '07

    "The professors and staff in the evening program and how they always care about their students and can always help you when needed, even if it is simply responding through an email on the weekends! I'm so glad my friend convinced me to look into Whitworth; it is a remarkable school!"
    – Mindy Simonson
  46. Heritage

    Antique image of a boy in a pirate hat.

    "I love the long and wide heritage that we have experienced on the Whitworth campus through several generations of our family. My in-laws, and several aunts and uncles, fell in love as Pirates, as did my husband and I. My son, my nephew, cousins...our family bonds are stronger because of that rich, shared educational connection. It's like a second family home, full of family memories!"
    – Glenna Carson Ainley, '84
  47. Pirate's Cove

  48. Fancy Feast

  49. Cool Whip

  50. Small Groups

  51. Hooks Up! Basketball in the Fieldhouse

  52. Pride

    "The people here are relationally motivated. The staff, the faculty, and the students are friendly and supportive. After completing degrees at three other institutions, I am most proud to be a Whitworthian!"
    – Sinay Butler, '14
  53. The Big Three

  54. Celebrity alumni

    "One of my favorite soap opera stars attended Whitworth: Trevor St. John (One Life to Live)!!"
    – Kristie Thill
  55. Vocation

    "What I love about Whitworth is the education I received – not just 'book knowledge,' but 'life knowledge.' I learned how to see my job as a vocation and a calling, not just a career – and that my job does not define who I am. I am defined by my beliefs, my actions, and my impact on the world for Christ Jesus. I learned at Whitworth that college doesn't have to be a place where you learn things just so you can go out into the world and get paid. I truly feel that Whitworth taught me to use the knowledge I gained to impact humanity in a positive way. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to go to Whitworth!"
    – Amy (Edsall) Thoreson, '09
  56. Prime Time

    "I still find myself wandering out into my own living room around 8 p.m. to see if my housemates want to spend some time together and take a break from work."
    – Elizabeth Wall, '11
  57. Hosanna

  58. Folk Songs with Dale Soden, Arlin Migliazzo and Kathy Lee

  59. "Camp Whitworth"

    "It was like camp. I graduated with two degrees in three-and-a-half years and I still have one of my golden pine cones."
    – Chris Hamming, '94
  60. "Hookie bobbin' in the Loop!"

  61. Stage II

  62. Graves Gym

    "Practice at Graves in the afternoon; I love the way the light streams into that old gym on a fall afternoon."
    – Becca (Karste) Ahsing, '06
  63. Walker D. Plank