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This Is Whitworth

Naji Saker crouches in front of a discus and two shot put balls.Naji Saker, '16

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: Beaverton, Ore.

Whitworth Activities:

  • Member of the Green Dot Advisory Board (The Green Dot Movement equips students, faculty and staff to help reduce power-based personal violence.)
  • Founded the Ch.A.O.S. club (Chemistry and All Other Sciences) and a weightlifting club
  • Participant in the Whitworth Summer Science Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, with Associate Professor of Chemistry Deanna Ojennus
  • Four-year competitor in Whitworth track & field, in discus, hammer and shot put; placed three times in the Northwest Conference meet's discus competition

Green Dot provides an open and safe place for people to talk about and address sexual assault and harassment. As Whitworth strives to build a community that honors God, follows Christ, and serves humanity, a big piece is knowing how to serve one another and come together to stand for something bigger than ourselves. Green Dot helps inform people on these issues and gives people the tools to step up in "Red Dot" situations, which can have a life-changing impact.

Looking at the statistics, there are a lot of people we care deeply for who have been affected by sexual assault, and I think all people should be educated on this issue. Green Dot records show that male athletes are the least likely group to attend Green Dot training. As a male athlete, I take it as my duty to help educate my peers because they can have such a big impact on the Whitworth community.

As a member of the Green Dot Advisory Board, I've helped with presentations for residence-assistance training and freshman orientation. I also met with [Athletics Director] Tim Demant about getting student-athletes trained. Sam D'Amelio, '17, and I are now creating a shortened version of Green Dot to present to the athletics teams.

I plan to apply to medical schools this summer, with the goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine.

For more information about Green Dot, visit