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Editor's Note

I'm sure you've seen it by now.

"It" is Whitworth's new logo, which appears in this magazine and which you may have seen on social media or on publications sent to you by the university. It's simple, distinctive, and very different from our previous logo. And, quite frankly, some people like it very much and some people couldn't like it any less.

That's to be expected: We're a diverse community, and I doubt we could all agree on any one visual representation of Whitworth. This place means a lot to each person who has worked or matriculated or supported a student here, and each of us has his or her own artistic vision.

Whitworth anticipated this, spending the better part of a year talking to constituents of the university — students, faculty, staff and friends — about what they think makes this a place like no other and what they'd like to see in Whitworth's communications that reflects our story. That effort was part of a larger process through which Whitworth sought to refine and elevate its brand — to audit its printed and digital communications, to distinguish its look, and to hone its story to capture what we all know and love about this unique place. You're already seeing the fruits of that process in the logo, in a different approach to photography, and in our messaging.

Whitworth Today undergoes a redesign every 10 years or so, and the branding revitalization was the impetus for the new format of the issue you hold in your hands (or view on your monitor). You'll notice larger, more engaging photos, considerably less text, less compartmentalization, and, by extension, room for more stories, more compellingly told.

Because that's what the renewal of our brand, and the new logo, and the redesign of this magazine are all about: getting the Whitworth story out there. If we're going to compete for the best students; to spark excitement about our faculty, our programs and our campus; to tell the Whitworth story in a way that encourages, excites and engages, we must keep changing and adapting.

Whitworth has always been up for change — the kind of change that brings people in and brings people home. This latest chapter in Whitworth's history is a new way of ensuring that the values that have always characterized this university will continue to make their way into the hearts of a new generation of Whitworthians.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Whitworth Today.


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