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Whitworth 125: Part II

In celebration of Whitworth's 125th anniversary, members of the Whitworth community share what they appreciate, value, cherish, miss and love about the place that engenders devotion and countless fond memories for thousands of alums, students, faculty and staff.* Let's hear it for Forrest Baird's toga!

Want to join the conversation? You can share your own story about the important moments from your time at Whitworth and the people who made a difference. Just visit and click on "Share Your Story." On this site you can also read stories others have contributed, watch 125-second micro-lectures by your favorite Whitworthians, and experience the people, places and things that have shaped Whitworth's 125-year history.

*This issue of Whitworth Today features 62 items; the fall 2014 issue featured 63, bringing the total to 125, in honor of each year Whitworth has provided an education of mind and heart. The 125 logo indicates items that appear in the 125th anniversary book, Torchbearers: Whitworh Stories, available at

  1. Pirate Radio

    "Listening to and working on Whitworth's campus radio station was such a blast. Whether it's called KWRS or, the hours I spent in the booth, sharing my love of music with listeners around campus (and around the world!) will always be a special memory for me."  – Caleb Knox, '08
  2. En Christo

    "En Christo not only gave me lifelong friends; it taught me a deeper sense of compassion and a truer picture of God's love." – Rebeccah (Todd) Bare, '08

  3. Midnight Madness

  4. The Narrow Ridge

  5. Hawaiian Club Lu'au

    Lu'au dancers perform.

  6. "Squirrel Song,"

    performed by Jenkins women during Orientation: "Squirrel! Squirrel! Shake your bushy tail. Squirrel! Squirrel! Shake your bushy tail. Wrinkle up your little nose, put it down between your toes. Squirrel! Squirrel! Shake your bushy tail."

  7. Slacklining

  8. Hall Dates

  9. Thanksgiving Dinner

  10. Science!

    "The science program prepared me for my demanding major and I still got to experience classes and other activities I wouldn't have been able to enjoy at other schools." – Nola Byrd, '99

  11. Rodent War

    "The ongoing, yet covert battle between the grounds crew and the Army of Marmots that lurked around Westminster Hall." – Sather Gowdy, '11

  12. Christmas Fun

     – stories in dorm lounges and singing carols at the president's home

  13. "On The Road" Events

     – seeing professors in your hometown!

  14. Interlude Dance

    during halftime of basketball games

  15. Larping

  16. Ideal Setting

    "Whitworth provided the ideal setting for my very different sons. Each got a great education that met his needs and abilities." – Susan Frisch Woods

  17. Convocation

    "The first Forum of the semester, when the professors wore their doctorate or master's gowns." – Renee (Hensley) Brasher, '93

  18. The Back 40

    "The Back favorite place to go for a quiet time with the Lord." – Kerri Besette, '87

  19. Concerts in the Loop

  20. DTR Conversations

    (Define the Relationship)

  21. Working Out Next to Your Professor

  22. English Department Hot Dog & Book Sale

  23. Nutrition 1985

     – politically conscious dining downstairs in the old Leavitt Dining Hall

  24. Hello Walk

    "The beautiful awkwardness of the Hello Walk. Sometimes I say 'Hi' to five people and feel super cool, other times I make awkward eye contact with that person from class who I recognize but don't know." – Bethany Fleming, '14

  25. "Touchdown Jesus" Sculpture

  26. Outdoor Rec Trips

  27. International Banquet

  28. Mind & Hearth Coffee House

    Students spread throughout the Mind and Hearth cafe talking and studying.

  29. Worldview

    "Understanding what a worldview is and learning what mine was, and the growing experience it took to get there." – Hannah (Rossi) Aguilera, '96

  30. Ideas

    "The ideas I learned at Whitworth (both spiritual and about the world) are still valuable and useful in my daily life." – Megan Stone, '07

  31. Theme Houses

    (Ninja Theme House!)

  32. George F. Whitworth's Chin Curtain

    - huzzah!

  33. Wearing Your Bloomsday Shirt

    to Sunday brunch after the race

  34. "Late Night" Meals

    (especially during Finals Week)

  35. The Old Hub

    (Remember the mailboxes and snack bar?)

  36. Powderpuff Football

  37. Acceptance

    "I love how Whitworth embraces people from all walks of life." – Lauren Raap, '14

    "How open and accepting Whitworth is for all students."  – Sandi (Wastradowski) Howland, '87

  38. Outreach

    "Whitworth reaches out, serves the [Spokane] community, and brings us together. Thank you!" – Mary Ann Drenkhahn McCurdy

  39. Save the Urinals Campaign

    (when Stewart Hall went co-ed in 1988)

  40. Frisbee Golf (Frolf)

    A frisbee with a pirate. Whitworth University is printed on the frisbee.

  41. Making Deep-fried Oreos

    (à la The Onion) with your dormmates

  42. Singing "Amazing Grace"

    each May at Baccalaureate

  43. Community

    "Community in the dorms, The Loop, the library and classes: friendliness, hugs and smiles. Now knowing my daughter is enjoying the community, too." – Linda (Washburn) DeLong, '87

    "I love that the Whitworth community is not a place, but a culture. When I meet other people who have attended, there is an instant feeling of kinship no matter the year of graduation, and getting together with my classmates at our reunion was a bit like we had never left." – Jocelyn (Mundinger) Flitton, '92

    "Whitworth fosters a community that truly creates space for students' big questions and worthy dreams." – Kirsten TenHaken, '13

  44. First-year Friends

    "Lifelong Christian girlfriends whom I met freshman year." – Julane (Lussier) Dover, '93

  45. Laura Blosham's Annual Reading List

  46. Mcilroy-Lewis All-sports Trophy

  47. Pumpkin Launch

     physics students' test of skill

  48. Pranks

  49. The Whitworth Tree

  50. Dining Out

    "Going to dinner at the homes of my professors." – Sara Peterson, '12

  51. Saga

    "Sodexo/Marriott's continual failure to get people to call it anything other than 'Saga.'" – Will McCollough, '05

  52. Forrest Baird's Toga

    the bedsheet he wore in Core 250 to portray Plato

  53. Mac Hall

    Mac Hall

    "Living in Mac Hall was legendary…'Riders of the night, we are the dormitory cavalry!'" – Shaun Baradi, '04

  54. Disco Redux

    - Marc Thielman, '93, and his "dancers" brought disco back!

  55. Jazz Ensemble Concerts

    with notable guest artists

  56. Whitwords

    "I love that my Whitworth friends and I still talk about fulfilling our entelechy (Core 250) and 'living in the tension' (Intro to Christian Faith, taught by Jerry Sittser)." – Miranda Zapor Cruz, '05

  57. Of Mind & Heart Newsletter

  58. Grosvenor Stained-glass Window

  59. Springfest

  60. Class in the Loop

    A crowd stands in front of a large stage where two musicians perform.

  61. Thoughtfulness

     "Yelling 'Flush!' in Arend bathrooms so you didn't burn someone in the shower." – Kelly (Rodimel) Rasmussen, '97

  62. Mutual Appreciation

    "The community and Jack Burns." – Matt Shupper, '03

    "Jack Burns." – Matt Sharp, '06

    "Awesome students like Matt Sharp and Matt Shupper, to name two of thousands." – Jack Burns