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Time fairly screams by. I came to Whitworth yesterday, when I was 33, and when I turned around this morning I’d been here for 34 years and was all set to retire. Yikes. I’ve been the editor of Whitworth Today for 18 years, and as a proud alum (Class of 1993) as well as an employee and the mother of another alum, I’ve had a unique vantage point from which to view the never-ending changes, as well as the bedrock-solid underpinnings, of this place that has provided me over the years with knowledge, friendship, inspiration and, of course, a livelihood. And now I am outta here.

Some highlights: I worked with Leonard Oakland, who’s celebrating his 51st year at Whitworth, when he was a mere icon-in-training. I was a member of the Core 150 team for 18 years, discussing worldview and its implications with more than 500 freshmen during that time. I’ve edited Mind & Heart, the president’s newsletter, since Bill Robinson kicked it off, in 1994. I got to see my son graduate and go on to earn his M.I.T. from the Whitworth School of Education. I was here when we became a university, in 2007, and when we celebrated our 125th anniversary, in 2015.

Though we’ve revamped this magazine several times during my editorial stint, Whitworth Today has been a touchstone in my career. I’m pleased to report that the response to our most recent redesign has been overwhelmingly positive. We heard from a few people who weren’t enchanted – one alum disliked the new paper, the new logo and the shorter stories, and a couple took issue with our opinion piece on the presidential election. But most of our letters, emails and social-media posts mentioned the brisk “pace” of the new W.T., the welcome white space, the big, beautiful photos, and the fact that we’re now able to include more stories about our students, our alums, our faculty and staff, and our programs. You’ll see refinements of the look and the feel of the magazine in this and upcoming issues, and I hope you will continue to like what you see.

I thank you for your faithful readership, and from here on out I’ll be receiving, reading and appreciating each issue of this magazine right along with you. I hope you enjoy this – and each future – issue of Whitworth Today. Mitch out.