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Some sisters and brothers can't wait to get away from one another when they graduate from high school. But the Langbehn siblings embraced the opportunity to spend their college years together.

Emilee Langbehn Bosh, '09, who now works in the registrar's office, fell in love with Whitworth through its website. Andrew, '18, who came to Whitworth after serving in the U.S. military, was looking for a strong theology program; Hannah, '17, sought a Christian school with great athletics and academics; and Matthew, '18, loved the feel of the campus and the brotherhood of the Mac men he met during visits with Emilee.

The benefits of being with siblings at Whitworth are many for the Langbehns, including enjoying family dinners at the home of Emilee and her husband, Jon Bosh, '04. Andrew likes running and working out with Matthew, Hannah is glad to see her siblings whenever she likes, and Matthew appreciates attending church with his brother and sisters and "doing day-to-day stuff like grocery shopping and cooking with Hannah."

The Langbehns' most cherished Whitworth experiences include Jan Term at Tall T the future – sharing the excitement of being a family of Whitworth grads (Emilee and Matthew).

Emilee plans to work at Whitworth "until I die or they force me to retire." Andrew wants to interact with other cultures and, "ultimately, to glorify God." Hannah plans to be a school counselor or to do mission work. And Matthew wants to be a firefighter and paramedic – though his dream job is to be the foreman of a buffalo ranch owned by his family. (Emilee, the voice-of-reason oldest sibling, intervenes here with a disclaimer: "We do not currently own a buffalo ranch, nor do we plan to own one!").