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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started on the planning of your event, we encourage you to view the Internal Departments webpage. Below is additional information that may be helpful to you.

How do I reserve a room on campus?

Reserve space for your event through Infosilem. This can also be found on Pirate Port using the "Room Scheduling" option. 

  • You must reserve your space in Infosilem to ensure we have accurate information about when and how rooms are being used.
  • We encourage you to reserve/request your room as soon as possible. Please be sure to submit at least two weeks prior to your event.
  • All student room requests must be approved. If you are a faculty or staff member, use the Self-Service options to reserve a room that does not need approval, such as a classroom. Use the Requests options to reserve a room that needs department approval, such as: the aquatic center, athletic facilities, art building, chapel, computer labs, conference/study rooms, downtown, the HUB, library, music building, science labs and Cowles Auditorium. A request will be sent through your reservation to the individual room approver. You should receive approval or communication in 1-2 business days.
  • Check Infosilem for room capacity details and room layouts. Please allow time for setup (1-3 business hours prior to event) and cleanup (1 business hour post-event) in your reservation.
  • Virtual events: If your virtual format requires the use of a room, please follow the steps above.

This tool can only be used with on campus internet or your VPN.

How do I request tables, chairs and trashcans for my event?

This is done through the Facilities Request Form.

How do I request audio-visual (A/V) needs for my event?

This is done through the FRF.

For special requests or additional assistance, please contact Anthony Calabro, events technical coordinator, at Anthony will also be able to assist if you need information about equipment in specific rooms.

How do I order food and beverages for my event?

Whitworth has granted Sodexo the exclusive right to operate Food Service on or from the premises. Food and beverage requests must be submitted through the Catertrax program.

If you don't see something that will work for your budget and/or needs, contact Dan King at regarding your requests and he will see if they can work with you.

For large or detailed catered events, please contact Heidi Taylor at

ASWU clubs need to contact the director of student activities to complete a Catertrax request.

Who do I contact if I have questions about catering? 

Can I bring my own food to an event, or am I required to use Sodexo catering?

Depending on the circumstances, department's catering, concession sales, vending sales and student co-op sales may be granted some flexibility on the exclusivity right, especially as it pertains to internal-only audience meetings. Please consult with Dan King in Sodexo at for direction on your department's circumstances.

What are the deadlines in the event planning process?

Event planning at Whitworth is an interdepartmental collaboration, and as a courtesy to all involved we ask that all FRFs are submitted at least:

  • One month in advance for events with less than 50 people that require minimal room set-up and additional support.
  • More advance notice is appreciated for events with greater than 50 people and/or events that require additional support.
  • Final details should be finalized at least 3-5 days in advance unless specified.
  • All A/V requests are due two weeks prior to your event through the FRF form. Any changes or additions need to be made in the same time period.
  • Changes and additions made within two weeks of the event will need approval before they are finalized. Any changes made within one week of your event are not guaranteed and are subject to additional fees. 

How can I check for other events happening on specific dates?

You can view the Master Calendar of public events.

Please note that there are specific dates/times (see below) in which we cannot have additional events. 

  • Orientation/Move-In Weekend - September 4-7
  • Convocation - September 10
  • Community Building Day (morning) - September 23
  • Board of Trustees Meetings - Oct. 14-16 (no events from Tuesday, Oct. 13, at noon to Friday, Oct. 16, at noon)
  • President's Christmas Reception - TBD
  • Springfest - May 1, 2021
  • President's Leadership Forum - May 5-6, 2021
  • Commencement Weekend - May 21-23, 2021
  • University holiday closures - contact OUE for full list 

If you need assistance finding a date for your event, please email and we can check for current conflicts.

Where can I find information about the different venues on campus?

The Whitworth Office of University Events is happy to provide recommendations for which venue will best suit your event. Feel free to email us at

Who do I contact if I have an issue during my event?

Please use the following on-call numbers:

  • Audio-visual: 509.723.7576
  • Sodexo/Catering (including HUB set-ups): 509.435.6862
  • Facilities services: 509.777.3254 (if calling after regular business hours, follow the prompts)

Do you have examples of room layouts?

The Whitworth Office of University Events is in the process of developing common room set-ups. Until they are finalized, feel free to create your own and send it to

What types of tables and chairs are available for my event? (i.e. rows, pods, high-chairs for panel discussions)

In Infosilem, click on the room detail and it will give you information about the types of tables and chairs that are in each room. Tall stools can be requested on the FRF form for a panel discussion.

What costs will be charged to my department for hosting an event on campus?

In regards to room set-up fees, you will be charged for HUB room set-ups. For all other rooms, you will only be charged labor for the support of additional tables, chairs, trash cans, etc. that may need to be dropped off.

In regards to A/V needs, you will be charged for labor which is charged at the current minimum wage rate. This charge varies depending on the complexity and duration of the event. You will also need to pay for any food you order for your event.

Do I need to notify security about my event?

Yes, especially if your event is going to happen after hours, you expect a large number of attendees who will be parking on campus and/or you need a building to stay unlocked. You may request assistance from Security on the FRF.

Where should my guests park during my event and should I send them a parking pass?

Please update the parking pass template with the appropriate information about your event and send to your attendees.

If you are expecting a large number of attendees parking on campus, please include this information on the FRF so security is informed. Our office may ask you to direct your attendees to park in a specific lot/area on campus.

Do I need to post my event on Pirate Port?

Pirate Port is ideal to advertise your event to the campus community (faculty, staff and students). You may select whether you would like to include the event on Pirate Port on the FRF.

Is there a way to charge my guests a registration fee and does Whitworth have a way to accept credit card payments?

You may submit a request for an online registration form. Please allow 4-6 weeks for this request.

Does Whitworth employ student photographers that can work at my event?

For information regarding photographers, please go to the following website: Photos and Video.

I am inviting high school students to my event, is there a way to involve the admissions department?

If you are inviting high school students to campus, please contact Quincy McCune in the admissions office at 509.777.4283 or She can assist with providing admissions brochures as well as campus tours and presentations.

I want to invite alumni and/or current parents to my event. Who do I contact for approval and a distribution list of the alumni group I am targeting?

Please contact the Whitworth Alumni & Parent Relations Office at 509.777.3772 and

I am bringing in a speaker or artist that has a contract, how do I ensure I can meet their needs?

Feel free to forward the contract to and we can review to make sure the needs are met.

For A/V or technical questions, please forward the entire contract or technical rider to Anthony Calabro at  
Didn't find your question above? Our office is happy to help. Please contact