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Internal Events

Event Planning Guidelines  Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Start the Event Process

What is the format of your event – in-person, virtual or hybrid?

  • In-person guidelines, based on directives from the Governor's Office and local Health District, can be found here. 
  • For virtual events, please consider these questions. Additional information can be found here.
    • Is your presenter/speaker in Spokane or elsewhere? If in Spokane, we can offer livestreaming of the presentation. If elsewhere, consider a different platform such as Zoom.
    • Who is your audience? 
    • What is the main purpose/message of your event? This will help determine the best platform to use.  
  • Hybrid events would include in-person attendees as well as a virtual aspect/experience (as long as the updated capacity is not exceeded). This could include livestreaming during the event or recording the session to be viewed at a later time. 

Funding: Identify and confirm the source of the funding for your event: departmental, Speakers & Artists or grant funds. Please have approved budget numbers ready when you submit your Facilities Request Form (FRF) and Catertrax order. If you are using grant funding, remember to submit the proper forms to Whitworth's Sponsored Programs Office for approval before expending any funds. Receipts must be submitted with all requests for reimbursement of expenses, such as food, accommodations, airfare and per diem. University purchasing cards may be used for expenses in compliance with university policy. 

Does your event involve an external organization? If yes, please talk with the Whitworth Office of University Events (OUE). We have specific guidelines on the types of organizations that can hold activities on our campus.

Please note: All forms linked on this page can be found on Pirate Port.

1-6 Months Prior to Your Event

Master Calendar: Check the online Master Activities Calendar to determine if the dates you are considering are viable options. In the new FRF system, we hope to include a list of other events on the date that you have selected. If you need help selecting a date, please email for assistance.

Date availability:

Confirm that your preferred date does not conflict with one of these events:  

  • Orientation/Move-In Weekend - Sept. 4-7
  • Convocation - Sept. 10
  • Community Building Day (morning) - Sept. 23
  • Board of Trustees Meetings
    • Oct. 14-16 (no events from Tuesday, Oct. 13, at noon to Friday, Oct. 16, at noon)
    • April 14-16 (no events from Tuesday, April 13, at noon to Friday, April 16, at noon)
  • President's Christmas Reception - TBD
  • Springfest - May 1, 2021
  • President's Leadership Forum - May 5-6, 2021
  • Commencement Weekend - May 21-23, 2021
  • University holiday closures - contact OUE for full list 

Infosilem: Reserve space for your event through Infosilem. This can also be found on Pirate Port using the "Room Scheduling" option. 

  • You must reserve your space in Infosilem to ensure we have accurate information about when and how rooms are being used.  
  • While we encourage you to reserve/request your room as soon as possible, please be sure to submit at least two weeks prior to your event.
  • All student room requests must be approved. If you are a faculty or staff member, use the "Self-Service" option to reserve a room that does not need approval, such as a classroom. Use the "Requests" option to reserve a room that needs department approval, such as: Aquatic Center, athletic facilities, art building, chapel, computer labs, conference/study rooms, downtown, HUB, library, music building, science labs or Cowles Auditorium. A request will be sent through your reservation to the individual room approver. You should receive approval or communication in 1-2 business days.  
  • Check Infosilem for room capacity details and room layouts. Please allow time for setup (1-3 business hours prior to event) and cleanup (1 business hour post-event) in your reservation. Check the list of updated room capacities to account for physical distancing. 
  • Pirate's Cove and a room at Whitworth Church can be booked through the OUE. 
  • Virtual events: If your virtual format requires the use of a room, please follow the steps above. The best rooms for livestreaming are the chapel and the Robinson Teaching Theater in Weyerhaeuser Hall.

Facilities Request Form: A Facilities Request Form (FRF) is the official form to notify the campus that you are holding an event. When in doubt, submit an FRF!

If you have limited event details, please submit a "pending" FRF so the events office can be made aware of your event. You can enter "TBD" in the appropriate fields and include a note in the comments that information will be updated.

  • Individuals should submit an FRF when the event:
    • Should be listed on the Master Calendar 
    • Requires audio-visual or room setup support  
    • Involves external constituents 
  • Individuals do not need to submit an FRF when the event:
    • Doesn't require specific room setup or if the department will set their own room and return it to previous layout
    • Only requires internal constituents, such as a department meeting

Any meeting/gathering in the Crow's Nest needs an FRF to let Sodexo know you will be using the room. Please specify if you will use the room (and return it) to "as is" to avoid a room preparation fee. During fall 2020, the Crow's Nest is not available for events. 

Virtual events: Please submit an FRF with all of the details, especially if you need technical assistance and/or would like the event advertised on Pirate Port or the Master Calendar.  

Logistics: Preliminary room setup info, signage needs, special accommodations and parking needs should be included on the FRF.

Audio-Visual Requests (A/V): All preliminary A/V requests need to be submitted with the initial FRF. It's recommended to set up a meeting with Anthony Calabro, events technical Ccoordinator, at for large or detailed set-ups. If you have contracted with an external musician or group, please send the contract to Anthony Calabro and set up a meeting to discuss your event. 

Event Planning Meeting: Required if you are working with an external organization, it's a multiday event and/or if you anticipate more than 150-200 people to attend. Contact the OUE at to set an event-planning meeting with various interested parties (i.e. Sodexo, facilities services, A/V, etc.). 
Catering: Whitworth has granted Sodexo the exclusive right to operate food service on or from the premises. Fill out Catertrax for food and beverage needs. If you don't see something that will work for your budget and/or needs, contact Dan King regarding your requests and he will see if they can work with you. For large or detailed catered events, please contact Heidi Taylor at ASWU clubs need to contact the director of student activities to complete a Catertrax request.

  • Depending on the circumstances, department's catering, concession sales, vending sales and student co-op sales may be granted some flexibility on this exclusivity right, especially as it pertains to internal-only audience meetings. Please consult with Dan King at in Sodexo for direction on your department's circumstances.  
  • Due to health regulations, it is the policy of Sodexo that excess food items from events cannot be removed from the event site. 

President's Office: If you are interested in having President Beck or Julie Taylor attend and/or participate in your event, please email Ruth Pells, executive assistant to the president, at Please include the event date and time and a short description of the event and how Beck and/or Julie would participate.

Registration: Do you need information about attendees in advance and/or are requiring a registration fee? If yes, please fill out the e-commerce form.  

Honoraria: If you plan to give the speaker an honorarium or stipend for professional services, you will need to submit a form to the business office. For ASWU clubs, please contact the director of student activities to complete this form. 

Liability Waivers: Liability waivers may be required for event attendees, specifically if the event involves minors, physical activity, the use of the Aquatic Center or the use of the U-Rec. Contact the OUE for more information. ASWU clubs will need to contact the director of student activities to assess if their event will need liability waivers. 

Insurance: For events involving an external organization, additional insurance may be requested. Contact the OUE for more information. 

Fundraising: If your event is a fundraiser, and/or Whitworth is considered a sponsor for an off-campus event, please contact Max Lammers, director of corporate relations, at Student fundraising projects require ASWU approval and compliance with the Student Fundraising Policy document that Maxine can provide.

Signs/Posters/Programs for Events: 

  • For all campus advertising, posters must be approved in the HUB at the student life desk.  
  • Large posters intended to hang in the HUB must be approved by student activities at the ASWU front desk. These large posters can only be displayed for up to one week. 
  • Events being marketed to the public should have posters/materials designed by Marketing and Communications (MarCom).  
  • Departments can design their own posters for events with internal campus audiences, but must not include the Whitworth logo. Only MarCom-designed posters can have the Whitworth logo.
  • The OUE does have generic wayfinding signage that you can borrow for your event. If you are interested in printing your own signs (recommended for recurring events), you may submit a Graphic Design Form and ask for event signage. You can make a note that they can update the templates that have been created for the OUE (see information above). 
  • Virtual events: When advertising your virtual event, please follow the same process in regards to posters, invitations, etc.  

Marketing: Your event, including virtual events, will automatically be included in the "Events" section of Pirate Port and on the online Master Calendar if you choose the appropriate options on the FRF. If you include your event on Pirate Port, it will be sent out in the "Weekly Events" email to the campus community on Friday morning prior to the event, as well as the notification email the day prior to the event. 

  • If you are interested in further marketing for your event, please go to the media relations page. Consider adding your event to your campus groups department page if your event is open to students. 
  • For events that are open to the public, be sure to follow branding guidelines (i.e. logos, templates, etc.).

Audio/Video Recording: Guest must fill out consent forms to be audio or video recorded. If you are recording the event, or plan to distribute the content in any way, use the Release to Record Form (Audio and Video).

  • Virtual events: This form is required for virtual event formats too.

Book Orders: If you are bringing an author, check with the bookstore well in advance regarding having the author's books available for purchase.   

Photography: For more information about photography and/or videography at your event, please go to our webpage Photos and Video. Guests must sign a Model Release Form if there will be photographs taken at the event that are intended for use in Whitworth University publications and marketing.

Special Transportation: Reserve Whitworth-owned vans and/or golf carts through the Vehicle Request Form.

Three Weeks Prior to the Event

Security: For additional security or help with parking, contact LeRoy "Mac" McCall at or Security can also help you access a building outside of regular hours. Please include this request on your FRF. 

Timeline: Send the agenda and/or flow of your event timeline to the Whitworth Office of University Events. This is especially important if you have A/V needs.

Parking: Talk to security about parking for your event and ask them which parking lot your guests should use. Send your guests printable parking passes that they should display on their dashboards while on campus and indicate in your email the locations that they are approved to park in. Parking passes can be found on the Master Forms List: Temporary Parking Pass.  

Two Weeks Prior to the Event

Final A/V and staging needs are due. Please send all updates through the FRF. In the current form, you will email In the new FRF form, you will be able to make updates on your own. Get the name and on-call phone number of the A/V student worker that will be working your event in case you need to get in touch with them day-of.

Final setup/room layout information due. Please send all updates through the FRF. In the current form, you will email In the new FRF form, you will be able to make updates on your own.

Business office: Order cash box if you will be taking payments at the door. The form is located on the Master Forms List: Advance Request. Clubs need to contact the ASWU financial vice president for approval to access a cash bag from the business office. 

One Week Prior to the Event

  • Menu and dietary needs must be finalized with Sodexo. Update your order through the Catertrax website.
  • If your event involves external constituents, consider printing nametags for your guests. Contact the OUE if you need a template.
  • Create and print a final agenda or any materials that will be used for your event.
  • If an instructor is offering extra credit for attending an event, coordinate with the instructor to plan sign-ups prior to the event. 

Four Days Prior to the Event

Final FRF Updates: Please send all updates through the FRF. In the current form, you will email In the new FRF form, you will be able to make updates on your own.

  • This excludes A/V final updates, which are due two weeks before your event. As the date approaches for your event, check all the arrangements you have requested. Identify any changes and submit them to the OUE. Send changes as soon as possible to provide time for the office to communicate changes to the departments involved.

Three Days Prior to the Event

Final guest count due to Sodexo. Update your order through the Catertrax website. In some instances (a formal dinner, for example) the guest count should be updated sooner so Heidi ( can order specialty ingredients (usually at least one week in advance).

Following the Event

  • Fill out the post-event survey that will be sent by the OUE.  
  • Please contact the OUE directly, or submit the survey, if something was not set up correctly or if we could have done something differently. We want to improve and the only way we know to address issues is if we hear from you.  
  • When appropriate, thank those that participated in your event with a handwritten note.  
  • Consider sending a survey to your participants for feedback.