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Alumni Early-Referral Scholarship: Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in nominating prospective Whitworthians. We are grateful for your time and energy.

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What is the Alumni Early-Referral Scholarship?

This scholarship is one way Whitworth alumni can introduce prospective students to Whitworth and can help to make a Whitworth education more affordable for those students.

Why does Whitworth want my help?

As an alum, you know what it takes to succeed at Whitworth. You know who would make a good Pirate. Your help in spotting these students earlier in their high school careers allows our admissions counselors to give them more time and attention.

What is the process for referring a high school student?

It's simple! Just complete the short online referral form to refer a high school sophomore or junior any time before Aug. 1 of their senior year. If that student comes to Whitworth, he or she will get a renewable scholarship of $1,000 per year in your honor.

What information do you need about the students you nominate?

All we need is their name, email address, name of high school, what year they'll graduate from high school, and the city/state where they live.

What are the restrictions?

You must refer students before Aug. 1 of their senior year. The student must be admitted to and attend Whitworth.

May I nominate a family member?

Yes, please do!

How many students may I nominate?

We'd love for you to nominate any student you think may be a good fit for Whitworth.

If a student receives multiple referrals, will they get a larger scholarship?

No. The award is capped at $1,000/year, or $4,000 over four years, per student. If a student has multiple referrals, the scholarship award will be named for all the referrers.

How are nominees notified?

Students will be notified about the scholarship by email shortly after being nominated to let them know of this scholarship opportunity. Students who are accepted to Whitworth will also receive information in their admissions packet and a notice of the scholarship in their financial aid offer letter.

Do I need to do anything with the student I'm referring, like call or let their parents know?

You don't need to do those things, but it would be great if you did. Students (and parents) usually like knowing that someone believes in them enough to recommend them. And it would be a perfect opportunity to share why you think Whitworth would be a great college option for the student.

How will I know where my nominees are in the process?

Whitworth will inform nominators when their nominees are admitted and if they enroll.

What should I do if I hear of growing or waning interest from my nominee/s?

We'd love to hear from you so the admissions office can follow up with them. Contact the admissions office at

I would like to recommend a student, but I don't know if he/she is interested in Whitworth. Does that matter?

No. If you believe the student would be a good fit for Whitworth and vice versa, that's what matters most. We will take the next steps to see if he or she is interested or could become interested.

The student I want to recommend has visited campus and plans to apply. Should I still submit a referral?

Yes. As long as you submit the form before Aug. 1 of the student's senior year, your recommendation will qualify the student for the scholarship.

I want to nominate a student who plans to play a sport in college. Will there be any NCAA issues?

Since athletic ability and participation are not considered in scholarship eligibility or awarding, there shouldn't be NCAA issues. However, due to NCAA regulations, alumni coaches are not allowed to nominate prospective student-athletes.

I have more questions! Who should I contact?

Please contact

To nominate prospective Whitworthians today, visit