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Abigail Fischer, '17

Region for summer 2017: Detroit, Mich.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Major(s), minor(s): economics major; leadership studies minor

Whitworth activities/clubs: I have had the privilege of coordinating a peer financial education program on campus for the last two years. This last year we started a money-skills class for seniors, which has been so much fun!

Most influential class or professor and why: Sinead Voorhees, in the Whitworth School of Business, has been my biggest cheerleader and gets behind every big, wild idea I have. I am blessed to be surrounded by such encouraging and inspiring staff members in the WSB.

What Whitworth means to me: Whitworth has been an incredible platform for me to grow and change in the last four years. While I do feel comfortable in the environment Whitworth has created, I am also constantly challenged by professors and transformed by the experiences Whitworth has led me to.

My favorite experience as a Whitworthian (so far): I studied abroad in Italy for a semester, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had. Whitworth did a wonderful job of sending me off, keeping me connected, and then helping me transition back.

What I am doing after I graduation: moving to Michigan!

Why I’m excited to be a part of the Alumni Discovery Project this year: My favorite aspect of being a part of discovery last summer: I met with alums in Nashville and called alums living along the East Coast. At every meeting and call, I received a fresh perspective of Whitworth’s history and valuable wisdom for the future. I look forward to listening as alums share their valuable memories and insight on how to strengthen Whitworth.