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Audrey Chang, '20

Region for summer 2017: Arcadia, Calif.

Hometown, state: Arcadia, Calif.

Major: Pre-nursing

Whitworth activities/clubs: Hosanna attendee, overnight host

Most influential class or professor and why: Core 150. I had never thought about what my personal worldview was or how it applied to my life. Taking this course made me reflect on the influences in my life and connecting them to my actions and how I would react to different issues or situations. In my experience with "Bible" classes, I never understood how the information taught was applicable to life, but now I am starting to make connections between my worldview and the views of others in the lectures. I get excited in the mornings to go to Core and listen to the lecturers share knowledge not only of Christianity, but of other religions as well.

What Whitworth means to me: Home away from home. As an out-of-state student, I was worried about being extremely homesick, and I feared not fitting in. I forgot those worries and fears within the first week. The Whitworth community has shown me nothing but love and grace, accepting me for who I am and where I come from. I have found my second home and my second family. Even though the academics are a challenge, I have gained professors and colleagues to work alongside me, helping me overcome the struggles.

My favorite experience as a Whitworthian (so far): Hearing the claps when someone drops a plate in SAGA/Sodexo. I did not believe people actually did that, because that would be embarrassing, but apparently I was wrong! That little round of applause shows how much of a community Whitworth is, and even though dropping a plate around the student body is embarrassing, the students don't see it that way. We see is as someone getting one of their Little 3s.

What I hope to do after I graduate: I hope to have a career as a neo-natal nurse in California. I love Washington, but California is definitely my home, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. After some experience in the field, I would like to work in another country doing medical work. My long-term goal is to become a missionary in a developing country, which is where I first felt the calling to the medical field.

Why I'm excited to be a part of the Alumni Discovery Project this year: I want to hear others' stories about a university I have fallen in love with. I am also curious to hear some of the not-so pretty sides and perhaps the negative experiences alumni have had. Being able to listen to another perspective about a place can enhance a person's experience and encourage him or her to see something from a different angle. Although I like hearing things I agree with, I am interested to hear things that challenges me and makes me think a little harder.