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Shelby Krug, '20

Region for summer 2017: Greater San Diego, Calif. region

Hometown, state: Murrieta, Calif.

Majors: Philosophy and speech communication

Whitworth activities/clubs: ASWU, intramurals

Most influential class or professor and why: Intro to Philosophy, with Josh Orozco. I came to Whitworth as a political science major; however, taking Josh's class helped me to realize my true passion for philosophy.

What Whitworth means to me: Whitworth is unlike any other community because it cultivates love and generosity while also nurturing the education of mind and heart. I have grown immensely in my faith and interpersonal relationships in my first few months here.

My favorite experience as a Whitworthian (so far): Whitworth held a church fair in the fall, and attending that fair changed my life. I got connected to an internship at a local church to work in the children's ministry. I have grown in my own faith while also investing in the young lives of the church. Whitworth is so great at connecting students to incredible opportunities for growth.

What I hope to do after I graduate: Return to Southern California; I would like to work in public relations or leadership communication with the California Association of Student Leadership (CASL) to develop leadership qualities in middle- and high-school students.

Why I'm excited to be a part of the Alumni Discovery Project this year: I have a passion for people; I love hearing a person's story because each one is unique and truly incredible. My first year at Whitworth has been far from mundane, and I would love to hear the memories and experiences that alumni hold.