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Victoria Benningfield, '20

Region for summer 2017: Austin, Texas

Hometown, state: Austin, Texas

Major, minor: Speech communication major, theology and gender minor

Whitworth activities/clubs: Forensics team

Most influential class or professor and why: Postures of Soul: Sacred Dance, with Judy Mandeville. This class challenged and stretched my preconceptions of worship, and guided me through new ways to praise God holistically with my being. Plus, Judy is such a legendary teacher here at Whitworth that it was truly an honor to learn from her.

What Whitworth means to me: Following in the footsteps of a community of Whitworth graduates I admired as I was growing up for their intentional, sacrificial love and devoted faith.

My favorite experience as a Whitworthian (so far): I have loved travelling with the forensics team this year. My teammates are the smartest and most supportive people I know here at Whitworth, and I have loved getting to compete and travel alongside them (sometimes for 10 days straight!).

What I hope to do after I graduate: I hope to utilize my passion for both communication and theology to work at a nonprofit organization.

Why I'm excited to be a part of the Alumni Discovery Project this year: I am excited to hear the stories of why the generations of Pirates before me fell in love with Whitworth, and to learn about the unique benefits that their education of mind and heart has given them after graduation.