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MBA Alumni Society

Across Spokane, business professionals are joining together after-hours to build something amazing. A cohort 500-strong and growing, the Whitworth MBA Alumni Society is a vast network of career and community connections created and sustained by the movers and shakers of the Whitworth MBA program. If you find yourself at a social gathering, professional development luncheon or volunteer event in Spokane, chances are you will connect with one of the society's ambassadors, who just might connect you to your next big thing.

Back in 2017, a small group of graduating MBA students challenged each other to preserve the connections and relationships they had built with their peers and instructors. These are the connections Whitworth is known for, and what our alumni knew they would miss most in the years to come. But what if the connections could grow after graduation?

Jeff Watson '17 recalls that this small band of achievers aspired to "create a larger group of individuals who all look out for one another, Whitworth and the communities we serve." And from the determination of these committed few, the MBA Alumni Society was born.

Their first order of business was to invest in the future of the MBA program and its ever-growing student base. Through the MBA Alumni Society scholarship program, MBA students have received over $15,000 in financial support to reach their fullest potential. To the same end, the MBA Alumni Society packs an annual calendar of events and a portfolio of career resources for current and graduated students.

Heather Sulpizio '18, current MBA Alumni Society president, recalls her educational experience and why she commits herself to leadership in the MBA Alumni Society: "During my undergrad, I could sit in a class for six weeks and no one would speak to each other unless required." In her Whitworth MBA classes, she says, everything changed. "I immediately felt welcomed and felt that it was a community."

That community continues to grow and change the game for Spokane leaders seeking connections. We hope that as you explore the pages of this site, you'll find a purpose-filled way to connect with us and that you always feel among family here – you are!