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Degree Info

  • In order to receive your diploma, you must meet your financial obligations to Whitworth.
  • We will typically mail your diploma 6-8 weeks after your degree requirements have been completed.
  • We will mail your diploma to the address you listed on your graduation application.
  • Your diploma will list your name, degree and applicable honors. Your major(s), minor(s), track(s)/concentration(s) and certification(s) will be listed only on your transcript.
  • Prospective employers can verify degrees at
  • Your diploma will include your name as it appears on your application for graduation.
  • Latin honors are awarded as follows:
    • 3.90 and above: summa cum laude (with highest honors)
    • 3.75 and above: magna cum laude (with high honors)
    • 3.50 and above: cum laude (with honors)
  • Latin honors that appear in the commencement program are based upon credits completed by the end of Jan Term. Final honors recognition will appear on transcripts and is based upon Whitworth University academic credits.