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Goals & Objectives

Whitworth's staff and faculty are working hard to ensure your Orientation experience sets you up for success as a Buc! Below, your New Student Orientation Team has included a list of intended goals and learning outcomes that will help to guide your New Student Orientation experience. 


Our objectives for New Student Orientation are to: 

  • Create an atmosphere that supports new students through their anxiety, promotes positive attitudes, and creates an excitement for learning. 
  • Inform and communicate with new students about programming and resources (e.g., health center, residence life, business office, student activities) to support students’ successful transition to Whitworth. 
  • Create an environment of interaction between incoming students, current students and faculty/staff that will contribute to a sense of belonging on campus. 

Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in the intended learning outcomes set forth by the New Student Orientation program, new Bucs will: 

  • Identify resources available at Whitworth University to address common challenges faced by new students during the transition to college. 
  • Report ways to get involved on campus that are meaningful to them. 
  • Understand key university policies and behavior expectations and how to engage with these as active members of a shared community. 

With this in mind, we sincerely hope you are excited to engage not just with Whitworth's campus-wide resources, but with the vibrant and thriving community that surrounds it. As we prepare the way for you to make the transition to life at Whitworth, let these be a touchstone for your experience.