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Twin siblings share a passion for connecting with people

Siblings attending Whitworth together is nothing new, but Adarsh (Adi) and Anand (Ani) Purohith, ’18, have the somewhat singular experience of attending Whitworth as identical twins. Their astounding similarity is cause for some confusion when one is mistaken for another, especially since the two share similar mannerisms and tastes. They also share a passion for connecting with people, a passion they are both pursuing through the study of health science.

 "I would like to pursue a career in the medical field, and the emphasis Whitworth places on community and diversity has really equipped me to invest and care for a wide variety of people who are in need," Adi says.

"I believe God has called me to study health science in order to be able to assist people who are hurting mentally or physically," Ani says. "All my life I have wanted to help people in trouble or need, from helping my little cousins with their homework to volunteering at the local homeless shelter."

Adarsh and Anand stand back-to-back with their arms crossed and smile.

Studying the same subject allows Adi and Ani to support one another academically, in addition to personally.

"It’s nice to have your closest friend near to you," Ani says.  "I can go to my twin anytime I need anything."

Adi and Ani were born in Bangalore, India, and their family moved to Seattle when they were two years old. They came to Spokane before starting high school and eventually chose to attend Whitworth. After spending their entire lives together and choosing the same college, they decided to break the mold and live in different dorms on campus.

 "Growing up as a twin, you pretty much do everything together," Ani says. "Right before we sent in our housing application, we decided it would be best to live in separate dorms since we were already going to the same university."

"We thought it was important to have a unique experience of college apart from each other," Adi says. "We have definitely become more independent and self-reliant as we have formed different study circles and friend groups."

In their respective dorms, both Ani and Adi serve as resident assistants (RAs) on Whitworth’s campus. Ani is an RA in Baldwin Jenkins, and Adi is an RA in Stewart Hall.

After graduating from Whitworth, both Ani and Adi plan to pursue graduate school in preparation for a career as healthcare professionals.