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Multilingual Whitworth student loves living in Spokane

Clemence poses and smiles in front of a green natural backdrop.Clemence Kitambala, '18, is a health science major who was born in the Congo and then lived in Uganda before moving to Spokane a few years ago. Through experiencing a variety of diverse areas and cultures, Kitambala has become fluent in four languages over the course of her life: English, French, Lingala and Kikongo. She can also speak a bit of Swahili.

"It has been a great experience learning about and adjusting to each country's culture that I've lived in," she says. "Each place has shaped who I am. As someone who is passionate about traveling and experiencing new places, it's been beneficial for me to be multilingual. It makes for enriching cultural experiences and helps me feel a greater sense of connection to my heritage, history and family." 

Of the places she's lived, Kitambala rates Spokane high on the list. She loves the weather, the friendly people she's encountered in both the Whitworth and greater Spokane communities, and the fun sights around the city. She especially enjoys the variety of hiking trails in the area, especially those in Riverside State Park.

During the 2015-16 academic year, Kitambala will use her cultural experiences in a leadership position as a Cultural Diversity Advocate in Oliver Hall at Whitworth.

"Being a CDA will train me to be an effective leader who can generate positive change," Kitambala says. "I hope to grow personally, spiritually and professionally as I build strong and lasting relationships here."

After graduating from Whitworth, Kitambala plans to attend graduate school and to work with a non-profit health organization in developing countries.