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New editor-in-chief of The Whitworthian is prepared for the challenge

Rebekah looks down and works on something at a desk.English major Rebekah Bresee, '16, is the 2015-16 editor-in-chief of The Whitworthian, Whitworth's student newspaper. Bresee has written for The Whitworthian for three years, including the position of news editor last year.

"Working for The Whitworthian has really sharpened my writing skills in ways I didn't expect," Bresee says. "I've found I'm able to transfer the more formal style of journalistic writing to my writing assignments for other classes. I've really found my strength in creative nonfiction, which I think can be attributed to the work I've done on the newspaper."

As editor-in-chief, Bresee anticipates making changes in The Whitworthian's format.

"I want to encourage my editors to take risks with their layouts," Bresee says. "I also want to encourage and challenge my writers to come up with creative and exciting stories."

Along with these goals, Bresee also hopes to improve The Whitworthian's online presence (, making the website more user-friendly.

"Writers and editors work many hours every week, producing an enjoyable paper," Bresee says, "but we're always looking to improve and grow."

In the interest of improvement, Bresee is ready to tackle the challenges that editing can produce.

"It's my duty to make sure the paper is published without flaws," she says. "I think working through unexpected obstacles and making tough decisions while managing stress and other responsibilities will be challenging overall. However, when the paper is done and published each Wednesday and I hear good reviews, all that work and stress will be worth it."

After graduating from Whitworth, Bresee plans to teach English abroad; she is especially interested in teaching in Thailand.