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Whitworth football player enjoys community of encouragement and shared faith

Taylor, wearing his football jersey, kneels on the football field. A football is tucked under his arm and he smiles.Meet Taylor Roelofs, '18, a kinesiology major who balances academics, sports and community. Roelofs is a defensive back on Whitworth's football team and finds joy in the support of his coaches and teammates.

"I love the family aspect the team has created," Roelofs says. "We all truly love each other and I think that translates to the way we play on the field. The coaches have done a great job of creating a culture that is fun, as well as competitive."

Even when it's difficult, Roelofs appreciates his opportunity to play for Whitworth's football team.

"Balancing sports and school is definitely tough at times," Roelofs says, "but Whitworth has unbelievable professors who care about me and want to invest in me as a person, making school more bearable."

In addition to a major in kinesiology, Roelofs is pursuing minors in coaching and theology.

"I think coaching is a great way to influence young people, and I would love to coach at some point in my life," Roelofs says. "I chose a theology minor because I am a Christian and I wanted to take the opportunity to learn about the bible from the amazing theology professors at Whitworth."

Even with academics and sports, Roelofs finds time to invest in the community provided by Whitworth.

"I go to AWAKE as much as possible," Roelofs says. "I love that Whitworth has a place for athletes to encourage each other and share our faith in God. It has helped me find like minded friends and has given me a break each week to take my mind off homework and football."

After graduating from Whitworth, Roelofs plans to either attend grad school or begin coaching as a grad assistant.