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Back to School Guide: 2020-21 Information for Students

This guide provides an overview of the university's COVID-19 protocols and students' responsibilities in helping to keep the campus community as safe as possible. It also contains key details about the changes students will encounter on campus this fall. All students (traditional undergraduate, continuing studies and graduate) are asked to read the Acknowledgment of Student Risk found on Page 4.

Actions to Take Before Arriving on Campus

Students are asked to take the following actions before arriving on campus.

  1. Self-quarantine for seven days ahead of arrival: We recommend and ask all traditional undergraduate students to complete a seven-day self-quarantine prior to arrival on the Whitworth campus. This includes both domestic and international students. During this time, students should limit contact with others and stay home as much as possible. Students should also follow recommended practices for mask use and physical distancing when outside the home during the self-quarantine. If possible, we ask that family members who live with you or will be coming to campus with you also limit contact with others as much as possible and follow mask wearing and physical distancing practices throughout the week.
  2. Use the daily health check app for 14 days before arrival: This fall, all students will be required to complete a health check each day using a smartphone app before they begin their activities on campus. We ask that students download the LiveSafe app on their smartphone and begin using it daily for 14 days prior to arriving to campus. Students who are already on campus or attending classes should start the daily health check on Aug. 12. Information on how to download LiveSafe is available here. Note: Student-athletes will use the SWAY app instead for this process. Students who do not have access to a smartphone may fill out this online form daily instead. 

COVID Care Team

Working closely with the Spokane Regional Health District, Whitworth's COVID Care Team will be alerted to positive and potential COVID-19 cases on campus and will be instrumental in the process of testing and contact tracing. The team is made up of representatives from the health center, student life, human resource services, academic affairs, athletics and spiritual life.

Each person on campus can help prevent the spread of COVID by communicating information and needs to the COVID Care Team. Let the team know if you or someone in the Whitworth community (student, faculty member or staff member) is being tested for or diagnosed with COVID or has been notified of exposure to someone with COVID. You can reach the team at