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COVID-19 Dashboard

Whitworth University maintains this page to inform our community about the number of known COVID-19 cases on campus as well as the number of known COVID-19 cases that were positive but are no longer considered active cases.* This information will be updated weekly to reflect the data from the previous week. (Data collection for the information on this page began Aug. 21.)

Last updated: Nov. 24, 2020
Next update: Nov. 30, 2020

Known Active Cases
On-Campus Students 1
Off-Campus Students 9
Employees 3
Total 13

Known Active Cases are those reported to the COVID Care Team through LiveSafe, the health department, COVID Care Team email or the university health center.

Known Cases Resolved
Total 78

Known Cases Resolved are cases that were positive, but are no longer considered active cases (i.e., they meet public health criteria for discontinuing isolation at home).

Surveillance Tests
Total to Date 1,195
Total Positives to Date 8
Percent Positive from Surveillance 0.66%

Whitworth will continue to surveillance test both on- and off-campus undergraduate students. This program allows us to identify cases where someone may have mild or no symptoms to help prevent the spread of the disease within our campus community. Those chosen to test will continue to be random, but if we have an area on campus that is seeing a high volume of cases, we may ask more individuals in that area to take part in testing.

*The data above does not include employees and students who were confirmed as positive COVID-19 cases but who did not come to campus and were not in close contact with anyone affiliated with the Whitworth campus.