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COVID-19 FAQ: Campus Health & Safety

What communication is happening at Whitworth?

A new section within Pirate Port will be used to post announcements with information related to COVID-19. These announcements will be emailed at 10 a.m. each day as content is available. They will contain relevant information about campus-wide health and safety measures, operational changes and other related subjects. 

You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 and the new WhitworthFlex plan, Whitworth's response to COVID-19, and our approach to safely reopen the campus to students, faculty and staff, on our new WhitworthFlex page. Please visit

As part of Whitworth's response to COVID-19, we've created a new campus team, the COVID Care Team. This team will manage Whitworth's response to potential suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases. The COVID Care Team is made up of representatives from the health center, student life, human resources, academic affairs, athletics and spiritual life. You can contact members of the COVID Care Team at

Are spaces on campus being extra sanitized?

Whitworth Custodial Services has increased the cleaning and disinfecting of touch points in public spaces (door knobs, faucet handles, water fountains, etc.) across campus with solutions that are effective against germs – including the virus that causes COVID-19. Our custodial staff has also provided departments and residence halls with disinfecting wipes so faculty, staff and students can clean their own personal spaces. Custodial services has added additional hand sanitizing units around the campus community as well.

Sodexo is also taking the necessary steps in regards to sanitation. Employees are frequently wiping down all surfaces in the dining areas and are keeping daily sanitation logs.

How is Whitworth handling food safety?

Whitworth continues to follow strict and thorough processes for food delivery. Sodexo employees meet daily to discuss proper sanitizing and food handling instructions. Employees have also been told to stay home if feeling ill.

How long after a potential COVID-19 exposure will my building/workspace be professionally cleaned?

It will be at least 72 hours before we send custodial or professional services into a building or workspace to clean.

After my building/workspace has been professionally cleaned, how long do I have to wait before I can return?

Employees must wait at least 24 hours after treatment before returning to a building or workspace that has been professionally/chemically cleaned. Prior to reentry, the building or workspace will be inspected by the safety manager to ensure that the work environment is ready for occupants to return to their place of work. Employees will be notified if it is determined that more time is needed for the building or workspace to be completely free of irritants.