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Vendor Posting Request Agreement

Welcome to the Whitworth University Employee Discount Page for vendors, we are excited about your interest in Whitworth University’s Employee Discount Program. As a business, you know the importance of a loyal customer base and we, as an employer, know the value of having incentives and benefits for our employees. Currently Whitworth employs just over 500 staff and faculty, making it one of the largest organizations in Spokane.

If your business would like to advertise your discount on our website please review the terms and conditions to ensure your offer meets the conditions of our program, and then submit your discount. All responses will be reviewed for approval once they have been submitted.

Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with your business!

General Guidelines

  1. All offers will be considered based on their relevance. If we believe the offer will be utilized by a large number of the University’s employees, it will be given stronger consideration.

  2. We request that the discount that you offer to our employees be significantly greater than that offered to the general public. Be assured that Whitworth will consider all reasonable discounts.

  3. Small independent sellers representing Amway (Quixtar), Tupperware, Avon or other multilevel marketing products or services will not be considered for participation in the Employee Discount Program.

  4. Please review the list of prohibited items services outlined in the vendor agreement.

  5. All offers submitted must be renewed or updated every six months from the time of approval; businesses will be notified two weeks prior to the offers expiration via email. If you need to edit an offer before it expires please re-submit your new offer with the updated changes.